3dsMax 2008 demo vids now up.



also take the time to look at the viz 2008 as well as it relates to max9/2008


im liking the sky portal

the movie files wouldnt play on any player except vlc…


Anyone know what codec is being used?


At last, thanks for the link.

Videos use TechSmith codec. http://www.techsmith.com/download/codecs.asp


Both this and Maya are a sad excuse for a new release. In a release there should be new features that will completely blow your mind, provide completely new workflows, innovative tools that haven’t been done before.

Autodesk really crapped out 3ds and maya, and now I truly see that they don’t give a flying piece of turd about the DESIGNERS.

And many are still going to be forced to use buy this… sad.

I’ll be in the XSI forum if anyone wants to come along.


Looking pretty good to me. But then I don’t particularly need
my mind blowing to appreciate tools that will benefit my
worflow and end product. :slight_smile:



I’m with Alex on this one, it really seems that they’ve shortchanged this version with worthwhile features. I understand that Bobo is excited because of some scripting improvements, that’s great. But as a modeller, most of the UI workflow changes were minor tweaks that won’t save me a while lot of time. Other things like program interoperability only cater to a specific set of individuals.

If this trend continues, the subscription service people are paying for will be utterly useless. I just think they need to be working a little harder to satisfy the needs of their customers.


funny how he avoids “snapping” the working pivot to a component instead of eyeballing it.
i bet snapping accuracy is as finicky as ever. …blah!


To be fair, I can see why they did the speedups - I’m still getting a bad feeling about Review, usefulness-wise.

If I compared Max to a meal, it feels like I’ve been munching on broccoli for the last couple of releases.

Good for you, but boring as hell to wade through.

Hopefully the next release might have a nice dessert amongst the healthy stuff.

At least the Maya guys and gals got Ncloth in their .5 release - we got the… Productivity Booster “Stares at unappealing steaming florettes”

  • Steve


Yeah the Productivity was pretty useless this year, and the review thing in max 2008 seems like a joke production wise. Especially if you look at thinks like Fprime for lightwave and Rendition for Maya.

But the speed increase is a very good factor along with mr 3.6. Im excited, but not ecstatic.



Speed enhancements for pflow? please! he mentioned something in the Performance Enhancements video about “many” speed-ups throughout the application. fingers-crossed


This is a new release?? It’s utter crap!! They must have a lot of clients in the Architectural field. I’m switching to Maya. At least you can rig your characters there properly.


Thats why I left Maya !!


Well, at least they’re still working on it over there, trying to improve it. Max has left it bleeding. All we get is architectural en gaming features.


Yeah I know :).


Quoted for agreement. The working pivot is another workaround, not an improvement. As far as the videos shows, it’s hardly more than what you already can do with a picked external pivot.

The selection preview is kinda nice, but I never felt switch between SOs using hotkeys was a pain. Not able to select based on visiliity and the lack of fuzzy input (I’m thinking tweak mode) are bigger issues.

Also the new normal constraint is just reminds me of the edge and face constraints. They’re better than nothing, but - ironically - feel very constrained and have only very limited use.

This kind of poorly implemented “me-too” functions just feel half-a**ed. Autodesk needs to revamp the whole concept for geometry manipulation. There’re enough examples set by other applications.


Fortunately they own Maya too, so it’s not a threat to them :wink:
If you cannot beat them, buy them… But then again, bigger the company more slugish it gets. The same should be said about their products. Along with big administration or risk management they have to deal with personel motivation and many other things that corporation faces everyday. Too much risk taking out existing software that brings them profit and build up a new one, what may halve customers. So the most logical step would be buying competitive technology, thus making some space in the market. Personally I wouldn’t expect much innovation in autodesk products compared with its rivals.


Im not too impressed with new release of max either, looks like just another release to look like their working hard on fixing and improving things.

I’m using xsi now and i know that has it ups and downs but is doing better job then max now.


I can’t believe they actually used Probooleans to model that, show it off, and use it as model to show new features. This piece of crap videos will still make this new upgrades even more worthless…since they won’t excite anyone with them.

I remember when they used Prince of Persia character to show off stuff. Could they, at least, use some cool model from some game or movie to sell? oh wait that was discreet.

Does Autodesk care about anything related to making clients happy??? apart from all that, only 4 videos with 4 useful new features.

Geez, that looks…promising. Hell with the ****ing subscription :frowning:


This just feels lackluster.

There’s some nice strong stuff in there, but it just doesn’t feel too compelling to go through an upgrade for. I rarely use degradation, and instead put things on different layers and hide what I don’t need at the moment for heavy scenes.

This feature set feels completely geared towards the arch/viz professionals, although many of them will help everyone. I guess that it’s more a boo towards AD marketing. I wish they had left Max and it’s other programs like it under the Discreet name and not tried to merge all of the products under the Autodesk branding. It’s damn boring, even when there’s great stuff in there.

I’ve been avoiding using the Onion. Relying too heavily on plugins makes me nervous, but it’s probably going to give me more of what I need and what I was hoping for. I just feel like a lot of what people were asking for on the official wishlist/feature request thread was ignored and that Max is being thought of as more of an architectural/design tool than an entertainment industry tool. I haven’t seen a single character in the new stuff, and I wonder what happened to all of the push for Max as a video game asset creation tool.

Does anyone know if Autodesk got rid of all of the people that were marketing and branding Discreet and are they just using their Arch/Viz AD people for all of their software now? I haven’t been following the Alias branded stuff… is it the same there? They’re doing a good job right now of making room for their competition through their lack of marketing support of a lot of their markets.