3Ds Shredder Animation


Hello everyone. I am relatively new to creating destructible objects in 3D and would like to throw out the question.
What would be the best way about creating a wood chipper / shredder simulation? I have been trying a few things out in PFlow as well as using MassFx trying to see what way I can create the animation as accurate as possible. So when the shredder blade hits an object e.g a tree trunk it would chip away at the object. Anyone know of any best practices or methods that don’t involve purchasing expensive plugin’s?

Any and all advice or ideas are welcome but note this will be an end use marketing video for commercial purposes, so I cannot pirate any plugin’s or software.

I’ve added a reference link to the kind of effect I’d like to achieve. (I don’t have thinking particles and as far as I’m aware we don’t have the budget to purchase a license)

Reference Link;


That is terrific!


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