3ds mr beginner - white surface rendered gray


Hello Everybody,

I set up an architectural scene - some urban surounding and try to render everything as a white mate surface, as I’m used to do it with vray. Since the mr in 3ds seems to be pretty fast I tried to archive the same result. The problem is that in any case of changing options and materials, I never got the surfaces as a real white unless I switch of logarithmic exposure and trun the daylight system to a multiplier arount 0,02 as discribed in another tread.
Is their any way to use the logarithmic exposure and get some real white in the scene???
Would be great if you could give hint to a desperate newbie in mr!!!
Thanks a lot


try doubling or tripling the light intensity


Leave the MRsun/MRsky at there default values of 1. Then turn on Log-exposure, and check
exterior daylight. Then control the brightness with the brightness control in the Log-exposure.



You could also bail the MRsky/sun and just place an ambient occlusion shader in both the diffuse and self illumination (instance) slot. This material can be instanced to the Override slot to toggle the effect.

No exposure control required, higher AO samples will reduce noise.

Perhaps a pre Max 9 solution, but knowlege base is always good.



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