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Hi everybody,
I have a minor question about one thing.
If i make a modell in 3DstudioMax and want to make the details and textures in zbrush,
is this procedure possible?
How do I save a 3d modell from 3dstudiomax and import it in zbrush?

Thanks alot


Export the mesh from max as an OBJ.


Ive been using Zbrush for Terrain and
Characters for about a year.

Build the low or med poly model in MAX. Make sure it has clean UVs
Export it as an OBJ with UVs on.
In Zbrush Got to town.
There is a problem bringing the zbrush back into Max. to get an awesome amont of detail you have to SUB-D the mesh A LOT! and MAx cant handle too many polys.

so you need to learn how to make DISPLACEMNT or Normal maps in Z-brush, save them out and then use them in MAX during render process.

My Film/FX freinds make Displacement maps in ZBrush and apply it to the origianl mesh during render time using renderman

I have been playing with the normal maps and so far its been easy going. I have had some weird uv problems but its becuase the low poly mesh and the super high res mesh were too deformed from sub dividing it so much, just use a med res mesh instead of the low res mesh.


ohh awsome, thanks alot for the information!
I’ll get on it straight away.

Have a nice day.

EDIT; There is a problem guys, my MAX doesnt have the possibility to export as an OBJ.
-when i go to > start > export > then I cant find OBJ in the list.

Im using MAX 6.


Often when people say as a .obj they often mean as .3ds, try that as it is a genric file type. The only type of .obj Ive ever seen is a Game Export tool uses that. Give it a go, I dont know for sure.


Never export as 3DS!

The 3DS file format does not support smoothing groups, and the model will be broken down into many small mesh chunks. This will result in a screwed up model when you import the 3DS into any other file.

I think OBJ is the Maya model format, and that includes smoothing group data. But I’m not sure how many bits. This is all technical stuff, but I do know that 3DS is really really bad and should be avoided.


From http://www.maxplugins.de/
Import obj: http://www.habware.at/max6/Obj2Max6.zip
Export obj: http://www.habware.at/max6/Max2Obj6.zip

Zbrush doesn’t support 3ds format to my knowledge.


does he support the fbx format?


what do you mean?


I talked about the export format MAx to zbrush,

… Some body know if its better to always start a organic shape whith zphrere in zbrush agains box in max?


Erno; I’m trying to do the same to pipe elsewhere from Max 6… in short it’s a bastard. I can’t get max to even write an obj it’ll read back with correct intact scene/object infos. If I find anything along the lines of a breakthrough I’ll be sure to report T_T

I dunno if I should blame myself, Max, OBJ, or God. I suspect God.


Damn, my problem is I dont get Zbrush to read OBJ.
blah, well well. I will try make those stupid details in 3D but it will take like forever.


i thought max 6 did have obj export…

i just checked my copy of max 7 and it definately does have .obj, but it says its a wavefront object… its stilll a .obj though


Yeah, the .OBJ import/export was included in Max7. They are just the Habwere plug ins added to the default install so no big deal there.

You’ve probably run into a situation where your Max model seems to get mangled when you import it into ZBrush. Right? This is a common problem but it’s really easy to fix. Here is the secret Max to ZBrush technique: When you export as an OBJ, turn off “Relative vertex numbers” in the panel that appears. That’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:



Hi, i thought that have a solution for your problem.
1.- download the plugins to max. im put a link where you can download, the site is in spanish, but you only need 2 clicks downloan the export and the import plugins its free.

2.-in this site you can see a tutorial about the displacement maps and how going of max to z brush and return to max.

im hope that my post will help you.


Thank you NGRAVA , ive been struggling for ages about that!
Searching for tuts, help, even downloading new obj2max plugins etc! :wink:
Thanks again…


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