3ds Max Wire/Script question


Please, help me to understand how to connect (wire or any other way) parameters between:

  • Rotation (on local axis X: 0-360)
  • “amount” parameter dialog (0-100)?

With possibility of controlling it. Not just 0=0 and 100=360. More like 0=70, 100=210

Many Thanks in advance!


This can be achieved with some very simple mathematics, for example:

So your rotation range is 210 - 70 = 140.
Therefore your amount multiplier is 140 / amount (maximum) == 140 / 100 = 1.4
You’ll then need an offset of 70, as an amount value of 0 should equal 70.

So your final expression would be:
(amount * 1.4) + 70



Thank you, Jeremy. Got your point, but simply don’t know where to start. Never wrote a line in MAX Script.
Would be just great if you can tell me where (or how) to start.
As i understand i need to use some motion controller - right? Which one?
Thanks again.


Ah, I misunderstood. :slight_smile: You can accomplish this with parameter wiring. Check out the “Wire Parameters” topic in the Max help.



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