3ds max users - students - Philippines : looking to form a team!


hey all, i know this is a long shot,

me and a couple of friends (we’re all students at Ateneo de Manila - 2 juniors, i’m a senior) are planning to enter a digital animation comp. and need 1 more member to round out the team. we all share equal duties storyboarding, modeling, coloring, sound prod, all the general design jobs…

the first deadline is coming up fast! march 26 for the completed storyboard. after that, it’s all deep into the actual production of the 2 min. short. which is due on may 26. since discreet is sponsoring, it’s in the rules that 3ds max must be used.

the theme, i don’t have on me at the moment, but it’s something like “Southeast Asia is a melting pot of culture, rich symbols and colors. How will technology fit in? How will the developing world fit in technology? (Social relevance optional)”

if you’re interested, send me a PM with your email address or mobile phone, i’ll get in touch with you. oh, and be ready to show us some of your stuff. :slight_smile:




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