3ds Max to Nuke for Motion Blur


i need to figure out a way to do motion blur (heavy/streaky) in nuke, and what i need to render out in Max as far as elements.

i’ve been trying to follow youtube videos but to no avail.

i render targas as my output format, and then i’m trying to merge a vector channel into my motion channel in nuke.

i only kind of works… does anyone here have advice or a proven approach?


Why don’t you render out .exr files from 3ds Max, including a vector pass directly from Max?
Using the VectorBlur node though can be a bitch sometimes. It can give weird results, you might need to play with the settings a bit.


thanks for the tip… for some reason i’ve had mixed results with that method. Sometimes is just planes doesn’t seem to work for me… i’ve also used the MotionBlur node, but i often get those squigly artifacts.

with the Vector i shuffle copy the Vector pass into the motion channel, but it doesn’t seem to work. hmmm i must be doing something wrong here.


with vectors from max you also need to invert one of the channels - X(U) from memory


thanks for the tip… it would have taken me a century to figure that one out.