[3ds Max Script] ProBoolean problem with the "AddMethod"


Hello everybody;
I am currently developing a script where I need the Proboolean. But I can’t get it to change the adding method. I have no problem adding my boolean and changing operation but changing the add method to “reference” and the materials method doesn’t work. It still keeps the default method which is “move”.

b = box pos:[ 10,10,10] isSelected:on
c = box();
ProBoolean.setoperandA b
ProBoolean.SetBoolOp b 3
ProBoolean.setoperandB b c 0 1

when I refer to the documentation the 0 is supposed to pass me the method in reference

I saw a topic from 2009 where someone had the same problem, but I have the feeling that nothing has changed.
Anyone have a solution ?