[3ds Max Script] miauu's Objects Replacer


miauu’s Objects Replacer offers you easy, fast and powerful way of replacing objects or groups with another object or
group(copy, instance or reference).
There is a lot of options that the replacing object can inherit from the objects it have replaced:
· transformation - position, rotation, scale
· material - the new object will get the material of the replaced object.
· position - the new object will be placed on the position of the replaced object.
· rotation - the new object will be rotated the same way as the replaced object.
· scale - the new object will have the same scale as the replaced object.
· dimensions - the new object will have the same size as the replaced object.
· name - the new object will get name of the replaced object.
· layer - the new object will be placed in the layer of the replaced object.
· parent - the new object will get the parent of the replaced object.
· children - the new object will get the children of the replaced object.
· wire color - the new object will get wire color of the replaced object.
· Animation: Position, Rotation, Scale, Visibility - the new object will get animation of the replaced object.

         When replacing groups you can choose to treat the group as single object or to replace all objects in the group and to keep the hierarchy(the new objects will be in the same groups and nested groups as the replaced objects).
         When the object that will be cloned have children you can choose to clone them or not. The hierarchy will be preserved.

         If the objects that you are replacing has instances in the scene, you can choose to replace or not all of the instances with the new object.



This is a commersial script. You can find more information here:](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-brVzYb-rQYg/WYXKMIl3usI/AAAAAAAAAq4/EWzzwPs9Y9kgUY91dceg5oYQNaapfDh-gCLcBGAs/s1600/miauuObjectReplacer_UI.PNG)http://miauumaxscript.blogspot.bg/p/miauus-objects-replacer.html


Definitely worth the 6 euros. We spent about 75-100 euros developing a much simpler version in-house.


miauu’s Objects Replacer version 1.1 is available.

  • added Inherit Animation - position, rotation, scale, visibility.


miauu’s Objects Replacer version 1.2 is available.


  • added Preset system so you can easily create/load different presets for different replacements.


miauu’s Objects Replacer version 1.3 is available.


  • Changed how the replace each group object works with Open groups. Now when the obejcts that ara members of
    open groups are selected the script will replace only the selected object and will keep the hierarchy.
  • removed the [Disable undo] option to prevent error when it is used with conjuction with [Delete old objects]

Video demonstration:


miauu’s Objects Replacer version 1.4 is available


  • Added [Transfom Controllers: Copy or Instance]. Allows you choose to copy or instance the transform controllers of the original object’s child objects. This option is available only when the selection you are cloning includes two or more hierarchically linked objects.

- Copy: Copies the cloned objects’ transform controllers.

- Instance: Instances the cloned objects’ transform controllers below the top level of the cloned hierarchy. With instanced transform controllers, you can change the transform animation of one set of linked children, and automatically have the change affect any cloned sets.

Video demonstration:


miauu's Objects Replacer version 1.5 is available.


- Added an option to use multiple objects as replacements of the objects you desire.

Video demonstration:


miauu’s Objects Replacer version 1.6 is available.


  • When replacing objects that are members of an open group and the Transform controllers between the copies of this group are instanced, you can choose how the new objects will inherit the transform controllers from the objects they replace.

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2020

Video demonstration:


miauu’s Objects Replacer version 1.7 is available.


  • added “Keep Name” which allows you to transfer(keep) the name of the original object to the newly created objects. This means that when the “Keep Name” is toggled ON all new objects will have the same name as the object from which they originate.


miauu’s Objects Replacer is updated to version 1.8.04.


+ Fixed: fixed error when xref objects are using to replace other xref objects