3ds max Render Elements Using Photometric Lights


They do say that when you’re on to a good thing stick with it and in that respect I’ve been rendering elements for compositing from 3ds max for a while now without too many problems. I’ve been experimenting with photometric lights recently and I’m running into issues when using them in scenes I’d like to composite. Basically I’m wondering what the technique is for ‘preparing’ them for the compositing process as it seems to be different to those using standard lights; I guess that you can in fact create composites using photometric lights? Using standard lights I’ve output the images as Radiance hdr’s and the results are more than satisfactory. I guess that I may need to change the format to 32 bit .exr’s, but the results I’m getting are anything other than usable e.g. Diffuse Direct Illumination looks like a badly prepared GI pass i.e. very splotchy. I’ve been using the rendered (beauty) image and have composited (mainly reflection and highlights) on top of it and the results are okay, but other than that it’s very restritive. I’d appreciate any help and guidance resolving this problem as all I’ve found so far are videos that all seem to use standard, as opposed to photometric, lights and output in Radiance format.


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