3ds max obj import


Why it takes so much time to load obj files in 3ds max?
4MB obj file (119.000 polys) will take about 5 min. to load,sometimes i’m working with files over 100Mb and its impossible to import file in 3ds max (from Zbrush or other packages)
while other 3d package will import the file in few minutes.
Is there anything can be done?


You might want to go to www.guruware.at and download the obj import export plugin for max (it’s a freeware / donationware). It’s a lot faster than the default max obj importer / exporter and it has some very nice and useful options



It work much faster! 3 sec to import 4.5Mb file 145.000 polys the same file took 4 min to load using default max obj importer.
Thanks Abraham!


cool. but it won’t install for me.


@ LordHines : What kind of problem do you encounter ? You got the right version for your version of max (right version number and “number of bit”) ?
@ dimaxyz : You’re very welcome, thanks goes to the devloper of the Guruware tools. Small site but each and every tool on it is a jewel, nice to see a very good programer who loves perfection at work :slight_smile:



Welp, what I did was download the only one he had on that website for Max. Then I put copies of the Max 9 files into my plugins directory, which did nothing. Then I made more copies and put them into the root folder. Also nothing. So I made a third set of copies and put them into my scrips folder. You guessed it, nothing at all. I open Max and hit import OBJ and the same ugly dialog box opens. It just doesn’t work. I don’t know what kind of computer programmer I have to be to get a plugin to work, but heck, I gave it my best shot.


Hehe, don’t get angry, especially not when something is given to you :slight_smile: You did the right thing from the begining by copying it in your plugin folder and I’m pretty sure (I can’t say “sure” because with computers … ) it’s installed : try to import or export something and in the “File of type :” drop list choose gw::OBJ-Importer (ore -Exporter)(*.OBJ). This plugin doesn’t replace the original .obj importer (that we own to the generosity of another guy who made shared is talent for free, Habware), it installs a new one



Only copy this file to your plugins folder gw_objio.dle
do not place new folder in plugins folder


“try to import or export something and in the “File of type :” drop list choose gw::OBJ-Importer (ore -Exporter)(*.OBJ). This plugin doesn’t replace the original .obj importer”

—Ayup. That worked. :thumbsup: I just assumed it replaced the useless default Max OBJ importer. Hehe. Me no angry. :slight_smile: That’s just my “what else is new” mentallity I’ve learned to develop from expecting so many thing not to work. But it works! I instantly imported a million+ faces quad model like it was nothing, strait from ZBrush! I am indebted to you, and to the gods who I didn’t think existed, for making me accidentally check the forum right when you posted this plugin, exactly literally the day I needed it.


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