3ds max import from corel draw problems


I’d like to import vectorial graphics made in corel draw to 3ds max to use them as basis for 3d shapes…

From corel draw I tried to export the file into a .dwg .dxf and .ai

.dwg and .dfx autocad’s formats once imported in 3ds max have a too heavy count of vertices.

as for .ai, the number of vertices is perfect but, once imported the geometry doesn’t seem right for all shapes when I try to add a shell modifier or just change it to editable poly or mesh. In my tries gear shape turn’s out fine, but radiation symbol shape turn’s out bad.

is there a way to work around any of these format to always have a good fidelity of our object’s geometry and complexity?



  1. Export as ai from corel (try to select an older version of Illustrator, like 7 or 8)
    don’t ask me why but it works better, believe me on this.

  2. make sure you make your vector shapes as big as possible before you export them from corel.

  3. import your ai file within 3ds max and convert it to “editable Splines”

  4. Select all the vertices and press the weld bottom under the sub-object modifier

  5. Enjoy!

You can now Extrude, bevel or do what ever you may want mate.

BTW: after the weld process, try to do a little “refine segment” in your splines before you extrude or bevel them. :wink:

Hope this help.



Indeed, that was what I needed :slight_smile:
thanks a lot


Your Welcome!



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