3ds max gizmo doesn't follow my character mesh


Hello everyone,
I have made a character and rigged it with a biped.
I have applied the following modifiers to it, in this order, from bottom: skin, unwrap UvW, Morpher, Turbosmooth.
If I move my character in the scene, and then I select the mesh, I notice that the gizmo of the mesh remained at the starting position (the center of the scene).
This is a real problem because if I use the morpher to change the expression of my character, the biped remains in position, but the mesh moves to the starting position (again the center of the scene).

Thank you all in advance,



Morpher need under skin , not up


Thank u, anyway that is not my problem: I’ve opened a previous file, I have my character with only skin modifier and it is the same: i move the character in the scene with the biped, but when I select the mesh its gizmo is at the starting point!


what you mean is mesh’s pivot stay , that’s right state , all motion with skin based on the initial status , if pivot changed , mesh will offset same , motion will be uncontrolled
In addition, pivot is not a animated property


Thank u for your explanation! You are right, it’s all OK: I simply have to move the morpher down! :slight_smile: thank u again