3ds max Container Netrender Issues



I´m currently working on a very heavy scene with tons of geometry plus some character animation…
Pretty much everything that can be proxied is a proxy, but i still came to a point where I needed to organize the scene even more, so I started Xref-ing stuff.
But then Working on the Animations (lights, objects, characters) became a pain in the a**, so i looked into containes.
I know, bad move in the middle of a production, but at that time the deadline had been moved a bit back so I thought i might aswell try it out.

But now, as I started rendering shots in the farm, problems exploded all over me…

First thing: Since working with multiple shots using the same containers, everytime I worked on a shot container already beeing used in the farm, those containers became locked, so I could not close them in my master file.
A) Delete the .lock file of the container.
B) Suspend the backburner job while editing.

Second Problem:
While rendering via backburner, some renders freeze in the middle or don´t render at all on some nodes.

For now I decided to go back and rebuild the scene with Xrefs.
But I´d still like to know for future projects, if these are known issues or if i´m just missing something.


If 3dsMax were a zombie apocalypse, Containers would in the house with the giant “DO NOT ENTER - INFECTED INSIDE!” paint slapped on the side, with iron girders barring the door. XRef Scene is your classic farm barn - dumb but it knows what it’s doing. XRef Objects are the shopping centre - robust and clever, but sometimes a bit too clever. VRay Proxies are your underground military bunker - solid, reliable, ugly, but with potentially labyrinthine size if you include animation. That’s the Romero guide to referencing external files in 3ds Max.


haha, thanks for the insightful analogy…:wink:

Pity though, I would have prefered editing things in place anstead of fumbling with Xref-scenes.
But then again - I´ve never had a similarily complex project like this one, so there is still room for improvement anyways…


In military code you could call them in this order:


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