3DS max CAT rig


Hi guys,

I started rigging with Cat studio in 3ds max 2012 64bit. In the beggining this Cat was full of errors - as you know. (Moving colabornes, twisting arms ang legs - dont affect to skin etc.)

On official site of autodesk are some hotfixes and service packs, you must instal to repair this bugs. I think hotfix number 12 repairing twisting - witch was big problem.

There is a very interesting utility or plugin for cat, witch will release soon : http://www.raylightgames.com/xraycatst/xraycatst.html

My question is - if you look at these videos you can see very helpful new option for CAT. But most interesting is button names “FIX FEET POSE” As you can see below in attachment I have a problem with absolut animation layer. If its turn off everythink seems like ok but if I turn it on there is some weird position and rotation problem. If i try move it and rotate handly to right position - there is a problem if i delet e layer - rotation and position is still there but adding on default starting position. Button from plugin above can solve this problem.

But How ? is it some script, or is it some option from link panel ? How can I freeze default position and rotation for some bone ? Does anybody know ??


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