3ds Max - Adding extra bones to Mixamo skinned biped


Hey all…I’m a novice rigger and had my character rigged using the Mixamo auto-rig service. Selecting the ‘no fingers’ bone profile (fingers would come out not skinned properly),hoping that I could add them later…Now in Max 2016, the rig has been converted to biped using the Mixamo bone to biped script… I’ve added 5 fingers/hand in the biped structure panel and also the extra bones to the Skin modifier. I can’t seem to paint the weights or at least the the mesh doesn’t respond or follow the bones when manipulating the envelopes…Read up somewhere that it’s because the finger weights are tied to the hand and need to be reassigned…Can anyone confirm this and if so could you please explain how you you reassign/fix this issue.I really don’t want to have go back and figure out how to fix the Mixamo issue Please help!!!


Yes this is true once you paint weights on a vertex, the envelops no longer work. Just use the paint weights tool and repaint the fingers.