3ds Max 9 new features


may be of interest:[b]

3ds Max 9[/b]
Achieve results in less time by eliminating hurdles related to:
Management of complex data
Challenge of scaling to bigger teams (next-gen pipelines)

Core Performance
First release with both 32-bit and 64-bit release (Windows)
Optimizations in the following areas:
Mesh for editing (optimized for DirectX)
Vertex soft selection
Vertex and edge display (optimized for DirectX)
Spline display (optimized)
Bitmap I/O proxy system
XAF parsing and mental ray scene translation
And more

Autodesk 3ds Max 9 builds upon its core animation and rendering tools delivering greater speed and precision to meet today’s time sensitive production deadlines.
Animation layering

Greater integration of Biped functionality into 3ds Max with

  • Separate tracks for toes and fingers
  • Support for all tangents types
  • Ability to move keys past each other (to work in negative frames or reverse clips)

Speed and productivity enhancements to Hair, such as

  • Styling of hair directly in the viewport
  • Support for all lights and shadow types
  • Rendering enhancements to achieve higher-quality results in less time
  • Support for third-party renderers

Enhancements to Cloth
Improvements to mental ray workflow in the following areas:

  • Final gather improvements
  • Sun and sky shaders
  • Car paint shaders
  • Design and architectural materials

Pipeline Efficiencies

Autodesk 3ds Max 9 delivers improvements designed to increase pipeline efficiency. Easily share files, track work-in-progress assets, and customize your production pipeline to accelerate creative workflow.
Intelligent point cache system
Enhancements in FBX
Support for relative paths

Autodesk Vault 5 support and enhancements, such as

  • Support for 64-bit operating systems
  • Library folders support
  • SDK improvements

Command-line and Maxscript enhancements
Support for all DirectX shaders and performance enhancements

X-ref improvements, providing support for

  • Biped
  • PRS controller
  • Animation

Maxscripts and SDK enhancements

source: http://www.3domen.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=2555


i hope those cryptic “core performance” improvements mean faster viewport interaction.
otherwise i’d be disappointed by the update…but that’s probably because i have no use for the character animation improvements.


Yeah I hope there is more. I don’t know if I should be happy or disappointed.

New Mental ray features look good.


character animation improvements? you are calling this “character animation improvements”?

  • Separate tracks for toes and fingers
  • Support for all tangents types
  • Ability to move keys past each other (to work in negative frames or reverse clips)

These “features” should have been able to do in CS years ago. I mean, wow, now you can move keys past each other! This is what I’d call incredible! Almost even better than the ability to use all three axis for the pelvis in the last release, lol!


hm, even more reliance on direct3d? never had much luck with that. overall display quality in OGL seems superior to me, less crashhappy, too.

anyway, where’s my node-based material editor? :wink:


well but opengl is dead sloooow…with current geforce cards.
at least with large static scenes…deforming animated meshes are probably also slow with dx9.
the best is maxtreme of course, if you can afford a fast quadro card.
display quality as opengl and even faster than dx9.


wow, i just hope that this isn’t the final official list with the most important features. I left behind 3dsmax in favor of XSI for exactly this reason - lack of inovation - this list looks at best like a service pack improvements. I’ll wait for the oficial version.


I also hope the official list will give A LOT more. If these are really the most important features, it is close to nothing except the 64bit support.

And I’m still laughing about the last one in CS. Finally they implemented a fundamental principle in animating characters. Moving keys past each other… lol


On 3dsMax, that is…
Almost all other 3d applications rely more on OpenGL and the viewport performance in most of them is generally ‘slightly’ better than anything you can get out of 3dsmax in either direct3d or openGL.


Sometimes really good features can get barely a mention.

Regardless, I wouldn’t mind if this is the list, but the speedups and handling of large files is done well.

It really needed doing, and if the result is a spangly feature that doesn’t really work well in production, I know what I’d rather have.

  • Steve


I wonder if the performance enhancements are worth it. FBX improvements are also very important. Let’s hope these features are better than they sound.


Copy that! I think we should wait for the official release :slight_smile:


indeed, viewport performance for mesh editing is a must, i was waiting for this to happen at least 2 versions ago when i first saw how lighting fast compared to max was editing a mesh in xsi (that has opengl based viewports)


eh, they updated (more or less) the maya site hours ago, and still nothing for max? I can’t wait to know what’s new!

I’ll wait a really detailed overview before citicizing the release.


[color=Wheat][b]When you just spent many millions of dollars buying up your biggest competitor, do you really think there will be much money left in the budget for R&D and actually improving your software?!

[/b]BTW, has the next version of MAYA been announced yet? I am not a MAYA user, so I wouldn’t know what to look for, but I would be very curious how big the MAYA update is compared to the MAX update.[/color]


heh, I thought exactly the same and came to check out the max9 thread… pretty much reads the same as the maya one :wink:


Mate, I am pretty sure Autodesk has a few $$ up their sleaves. Did you see the figures floating about re: revenue when they bought Alias? It was . . . significant.

Anyway, goods news about more integration with biped and curves, and of course this:

“Rendering enhancements to achieve higher-quality results in less time”

I think we all know what that means ----> a big red “make good render go NOW!!” button. FInally!


Cool. Sooooooo…can anyone confirm that there is dramatically improved viewport performance? Or does 9 offer just another Turbosmooth-type hack (while not unwelcome, TS was not exactly “Turbo” compared to the performance of some other programs)

  • no isoline subd selection/manipulation?
  • no nondestructive morphs?


The point is though, that money is a finite resource. Money spent buying up other companies can’t be spent on making your own software better. And that doesn’t count the whole upheaval that happens in a company when groups of new people are integrated in, and the whole uneveness that happens when people don’t know if they will be layed-off due to mergers/acquisistions. All that takes away from the main goal of better software.

I have said it before, and I will say it again - don’t expect any major new innovations in MAX or MAYA for atleast another 2 years (which is a loooong time)… trying to set the roadmaps for 2 programs and seeing how/if they can be integrated is going to waste a lot of resources that could be spent on making one package better.

Honestly the thing I want MOST is faster/more stable software, so I HOPE that they have delivered, but until the demo comes out, it will be hard to tell.


The feature list sounds more like bug fixes.
Biped xref used to work fine in early versions of MAX. They broke it in version 8.
Now according to the list they fixed it.
Also hair rendering slow is a bug. Making it render faster is just a bug fix.