3ds max 8 maxscript issue


I just joined the forum cause I really need help about 3ds max 8 max script…
I have problem with editable poly operations, and this problem is only occure in 3ds max 8
(it work fine in 3ds max 7,9,2011)
for exemple face position…
lests say the model is a simple sphere (converted to editable poly) and I wanted to get the position of a face (for exemple face number 175) so I do this

polyop.getfacecenter $sphere01 175

this work fine but now , if I add edit_poly modifier and I moved the same face (175) then recall the same function as above (polyop.getfacecenter $sphere01 175 )
this give me the same position…even if I moved this face

maxscript alwayse return to baseobject and it didn’t take in concideration edit_poly modifier
and I reapeat that this issue is obsereved only in 3dsmax 8. and this for all polyop operations
(polyop.getnumfaces, polyop.getfacenormal…)

my question is is there a way to fix this?should I do somthing to force maxscript to take editpoly (or any modifier above the baseobject level)


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