3ds max 6 & combustion paint problems


Hey. I’m trying to figure out how to use combustion materials to paint onto my 3d models. I have the general setup figured out, but am having some problems with a couple things:

1- Combustion isn’t unwrapping all of the UVW mapping. In this particular case, I modeled the head of a lion as a single, poly object. I then applied cylindrical mapping. But when selecting the unwrap option for the combustion material, only the teeth are showing up in combustion.

2- For combustion, there’s two brush options: Filled and stroked. These are behaving very differently when doing the painting inside 3dsmax. When using filled brush strokes, the result looks like it should: If I make a small sweep across the surface of my model, I get a small stroke. But when using stroked brush strokes, I keep getting very long streaks for the same brush movements. In one case, I tried testing the stroked brush strokes by applying a simple dot to the mesh. And the dot showed up…just with a giant streak branching off from it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



there;s a free plu called texporter.use that .it generates a bitmap with wire overlays .u can import that into combustion and paint over it.

its much easier and faster.


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