3ds Max 2020 - UVW Unwrap channel switching issue


Hello everyone,

I’m trying to copy my UVs in both channels 1 and 2. But as soon as I switch the channel the other one gets reset. I’ve recorded a video to explain the issue. Is it something I’m doing wrong?

I’ve followed this tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVY5f3m2bAM&t=91s

Am I missing something?

Please help.


Make sure you collapse the unwrap before you go to your next channel, or apply a new unwrap on top with channel 2.


Thanks James for your quick response.

Actually I’ve applied Unwrap on top of Turbosmooth which is set to iteration 2. The client wants the model editable. Now I have done that to all the objects of the model. Is it possible to just merge the two UVW unwrap modifier into one? Like the one on the Youtube video.


Not sure entirely what you mean by editable.

Once you collapse the unwrap it saves the UVs to that channel. If you want to move your current UV set to a different channel select “Move” instead of “Abandon”. Otherwise just use 2 UV channels stacked on top of each other.

It would be easier to understand if we know why you need 2 UV channels. This will help us get a better picture of what you are trying to achieve.