3ds Max 2020.1 Update is out!


Update included in the public roadmap refresh here!
Updates include tear-off viewports, chamfer improvements, and new hot key editor.

Thanks for all of the beta customers that participated in helping make this update solid.


detachable viewports are cool.
However I get under 1 fps horrible performance. Is there something to tweak?


There could be. What’s the scene contents? Lots of moving objects? Character rig with circular references? Lots of particles, etc.? It can be a bunch of reasons.


Empty scene


Can you let me know your video card and driver version and OS?

Would you be available to share your desktop so I can take a look?

Kelly Michels
Senior 3ds Max QA / Feedback Community Manager
ECP Division Feedback Community Manager
Autodesk, Inc


I’ll try again when I have time.
Meanwhile, here are my specs:

Dual Xeon 5650 on Evga SR-2, 48gb Ram
Dual 1080ti
Win 7 utlimate