3DS MAX 2016 / Skin Morph Influence Anfle not working propperly


Hello everyone,

I´ve been working on a characters morphing system for some weeks now. The only thing I have left to implement are some morph targets ont he shoulder.
For doing so, I use the Skin Morph modifier. The problem is, I can´t make those morphers work, the influence angle is not working, I can just have the morpher active or inactive (al 100% or at 0% respectively). I have more morphers added to the Skin Morph and they all have worked fine, the problem comes when I want to add the shoulder ones.

I´ve made sure I´ve added the bones to the list at frame 0 and created the morph at the bended position, so that shouldn´t be the problem.

Does anyone know what the problem here is? You´d be a life saver. Thanks in advance everyone.