3DS Max 2014 extension



I think most of the users who stopped their subsciptions wont regret it much… :slight_smile:


As a note,

the caption mentioning animation is actually for Maya, not Max.


Python in max! Cool.

But it seems that’s its not a complete alternative to maxscript :hmm:


Darn. I had my hopes up for new animation tools in Max. :shrug:


Well - you know: Max is’nt that kind of software …

sorry - could’nt resist :stuck_out_tongue:


Already a classic… :wink:


They should have that as a tooltip when you go near any of the animation features.

“Not that kind of software”



And maybe the viewcube could auto-follow the mouse around with a tooltip “Definitely that kind of software”.


Python is huge and is the number one thing people in pipelines need. :bounce:


Making tooltip require human resources and time :slight_smile:
Better if they write it on the backside of the viewcube and trigger it rotate to show inscription.


I think it all depends on how much of 3dsmax core functionality has been exposed to Python. If the only thing it can do is trigger maxscript commands then I might as well stick with maxscript.

Do you have a different outlook I’m missing?





it is not as broad as Maxscript but it is still in an early stage

What i’m afraid this “early stage” would can take a lot of time to be a “production stage”.
Also interesting part how 3rd party developers would handle this cos Max mainly a plugin platform. Always calling maxscript(that have a problems also) for them would be a not good solution.
Will see after some more info come.


I think this news has been revealed due to the anger which been shown in the thread of siggraph news:
just a test to see how far this anger could be satisfaied how much they should pay to make us more drunk and as soon they feal its okay and there’s no more clouds in the sky the will not show more features ((( for test dont act any reaction for ten days and get around three cool features but not development )) this is the main trip AD polishing max not developing for example paython is cool but
… where it been since 4 virsions why always tooooooo leate ???


The point cloud thing seems cool, but I’m interested to see what the real application/use of that would be. How many people here would use it and how?

And I’m excited about Python… I’ve struggled with Maxscript ever since I picked it up 3 years ago. I come from Softimage (which supported python, vb, jscript) where I could record and build large macros to automate anything - super flexible. It’s damn near impossible to do that easily with maxscript. Maybe with the python support it’ll be easier?


These additions are welcome, but they don’t fill any holes, do they? We figured out how to use meshlab and Krakatoa for loading point clouds, so this doesn’t bring any missing functionality.

Python has potential, but it’s sounds like it will be more limited than maxscript for now. I’m not sure if it brings anything beyond opening the door to those who know python already and don’t want to learn maxscript. I don’t mean to discount the effect that could have, but it’s just potential at this point… right? I feel like I might be missing something here though.

The stereo viewport thing sounds nice for those few who have supported AMD cards, but there are already lots of tools for stereoscopic rendering in max.

If they make these tasks easier/more smooth, then I guess it’s something.


Well, I’m actually really excited they FINALLY added quad buffered stereo in the viewport. Maya has had it forever, I didn’t think they would ever add it to Max. I will actually use that a lot.

EDIT: Wait a minute…The active shutter thing only supports AMD cards? It won’t work with Quadro cards and Nvidia 3D Vision? Please tell me that’s not true.


That’s… horrible. We get physx by Nvidia for those cards, and we need a 2nd AMD card for this? Can’t be true. Would make literally no sense.


Python support will be cool as long as it gets the love it deserves, Point Cloud well I have had that since 2006 with Krakatoa but hey might be useful, Stereo Cam hey wow that could be really cool except… I can’t wait to have my fully supported Quadro AND a AMD FireGL in the same machine! Hey that won’t at all be stupid, cause all kinds of system instability, decreased performance, and general clusterMuckery.

AMD really who makes these decisions? How about a platform independent for once, geezus.


Has this actually been confirmed though, rather than it just being a badly worded press release, and nvidia works anyway?

(Bear in mind that they had the same graphic for Maya as for Max which promised new animation tools for the Max extension)

If it is the case, and they’re holding it back for some reason - they haven’t learnt a single thing from last year’s extensions fiasco.