3ds max 2011 feature sheet


Nice featuresheet about the upcoming 3ds max 2011 including:

[li]Slate Material Editor[/li][li]Quicksilver Hardware Renderer[/li][li]Toxik/CAT Integration[/li][/ul]More on:

Found via superrunes max reseller, doesn’t look like a fake :slight_smile:


it looks like the node-based material editor is finally there.

mmm Toxik there too. sounds good.


The Maya one is there too.



Yeah, after several years, let’s hope it’s fast :slight_smile: And the file backwards
compatibility sounds relieving…


the maaya one with the good link



Maya has a new UI :slight_smile: after ten long years of hoping for ‘improvements’…



The new Maya feature set sounds almost too good to be true.

New Qt UI, integrated color-management, importing timelines from popular NLEs, managing multiple camera shots, importing EDLs (!), adjusting shot timing, creating non-destructive modified shot versions, wow!

No word on any modeling improvements, but that’s not a huge deal for me. Maya’s pretty decent at it already, and when it’s lacking, I fall back to Modo anyway.


When’s the usual release date of these?


Can’t wait to see the new UI. With AD releasing both of these announcements simultaneously, I wonder if Maya will now be on the same release schedule that Max switched to 2yrs ago. I can’t see why they would reveal the feature set this many months in advance if they weren’t.

On the Toxik front, I wonder if the new Vector Paint tools are the same ones from Combustion. If so, that’s a pretty big development as that was one of Combustion’s biggest assets…including B-Splines and point grouping for masking/rotoscoping tasks.

There was some discussion, at NAB (I think it was) last year that Autodesk was in talks with Red Giant, who now is the parent company of Trapcode (who makes all those snazzy plugins for After Effects…including Particular 2, Shine, 3D Stroke, etc), about porting a version of Particular 2 to their compositors. Haven’t heard anything since, but it sure would be nice to have some of those included in Maya, Max Composite (Toxik).


Around April 7


The websites also has a few Maya 2011 screenshots here :
I’ d like to see what the hypershade looks like now…


and max screenshots.

Since this thread IS about max 2011.



The Maya update sounds quite promising, not sure about the 3dsmax one…

But i can’t help wondering if they will throw in the horrible ribbon interface in Maya
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGaqI20WHyk :smiley:

/ Magnus


Judging by the sites design - i guess all this is kind of a “not so small” info leak ?


As it falls within 30 days of a release, I doubt any harm is done…just a lot of anticipation.
Looks to be something for everyone to be excited about.


I am wondering if Maya 2011 will support shave and a Haircut or maybe it’s not need anymore with any new styling tools.
Also will IRay be included with Maya 2011?

Btw Maya’s new UI is looking very nice.



New UI for Maya?, indeed is just new cute icons. I see the same blank spaces in the UI than previous version.
I would like to heard about the bugs fixings and basic improvements, for professionals this are more important than “cute” UI.


Well, a UI is something that you have to stare at all day, every day…so an improvement is no small thing…Mr. “Professional.” :rolleyes:

I hope so…Node Joe is pretty sweet


From the picture it looks they have included Nodejoe as a material editor, which
would be a good move, since it’s multi-threaded and more!



When I saw the ‘Autodesk Composite’ on the AREA blog,
I was curious why they renamed it to ‘autodesk composite’ from ‘maya composite’
Now I know the reason.