3DMax6: advice in modeling techniques


i am pretty lost and don’t know what to do !

when i started learning 3dmax i modeled a fight plane out of boxes and adding meshsmooth to them. after that i did half of the Fiat500 tut.

few months ago i modeled a mini cooper starting from a plane then turning it to an editable mesh and ending up with adding meshsmooth to it.

after that i modeled a plane starting from a plane and turning it to an editable poly and ending up with adding meshsmooth to it.

models found here

i found using editable poly eliminates some problems occur in the editable mesh. and also it is easier for me to work with.

when i am using plane method in modeling, i know what am doing and am pretty lost when it comes to splines. well, i can’t work with splines.

some shapes would be easier to model using splines or nurbs rather than boxes or planes. but as i said nurbs and splins are my enemies.

so do you advise me learning splins or just concentrate on the plane>editable poly method ??

any advices would be greatly appreciated.

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com’n guys, do i have to beg for few words !

around 50 views yet no know has any little advice ! :hmm:


You should try looking into nurbs and splines as they give really smooth surfaces and good reflections and specularity and so on.
Nurbs are great for people who design tool’s or furniture and cars
and so on,they can also give great results when modelling humans or cloth.
If I was you I would learn everything there is to know about modelling in 3D,knowledge is power!!!wwwaaaahhhaaaaahhhahahahahahahaa,



My advice is to practice, practice, practice a lot and find the best method for you and dominate it, personaly I use box modeling whith editable poly, i prefer it to splines or patches. Also I use Rhino for some specific jobs, because i dont like max’s nurbs.

Hope it helps:thumbsup:


I am a 3D student at the Art Institute in Denver, Colorado. We work mainly in 3DS Max and AutoCad. I have found that spline modeling is a very liberating way to model, since it sets you free to create organic cages. It is very similar to NURBS modeling since you are working in cross-sections of your model, then connecting them together and placing a surface on them. Max 5 had an excellent tute on spline modeling a chess set, namely the knight. It is a good place to start when transitioning to NURBS modeling. Let me know if you want a quick demo of the toolset in spline modeling, I would be happy to give you some pointers.



thanks for the posts,

i am really into cars and planes (aerospace engineering undergraduate hehe thats why) , i don’t think am gonna model anything else

so am thinking about going NURBs.

now lets talk about tools. no doubt max suck so lets talk about something else

right now i got Rhino 3, and Maya Unlimited 5.0

i wanna try them both and see what am comfortable with.

in the same time i wanna know which one has more powerful tools so i don’t waste more time struggling between programes.

thanks again :slight_smile:

cheers :beer:


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