3dmax to zbrush and back (displacement)


Hi, I know this is very noob question, but I´m really new to zbrush, I read all the post, the practical guide, tutorials, but I still dont understand the process. Can sombebody explain, “in a very noob way”, the process of creating displacement maps for my max models?

As far I now this is the process (taken from a post)

Export the model to max to .OBJ
Import the model to Zbrush2
Paint the displace map
Create AUVTiles for the model
Go to subdivion 1 of the model and press the cage button
*change the V tile = -1 to flip the TIFF, and RGB Offset to -0.5 (taken from another post)
Create the displace map with aditive and smoothUV on
Export the displace map and the model to max
import the model into MAX and add a meshsmooth to the model and a vraydisplacement mod.
Place the .tiff map to the Texmap solt
Play with the shift and amount values

I´m and old max user, but I started to use zbrush 1 day ago, and the interface stills looks very odd to me.


Don’t know whats going wrong with this way you’ve described - these steps are all correct!Where are your focused problems? The way to paint the maps? Or the exporting thing?Or…?

…btw, I still have trouble with the interface, too :scream: :eek:



create uv mapping

Export the model to .OBJ

Import the model to Zbrush2

press StoreMT at the objekt morphtarget settings

subdivide the model that much you like

Paint the displace map (i prefere to do this with the projektionmaster)

Go to subdivision 1 of the model and press the cage button

go back to the morhtarget settings and press switch (you can only press the button if youre in the first subdivision mode)

in the objekt displace setting create the displacementmap

you will find the map at the alpha menu


well, its good to know that they are the correct way.
I`ll try to make the step one by one, so now I have questions for the first two.

1- To export from Max, I can use any max to obj exporter pluging? I have to check something before exporting? like uvmaps?

2- When importing, I have to check some options to get the mesh good?

3 - I now this step lol :stuck_out_tongue:

4- How I create AUVTiles for the model?



Hi :slight_smile:

2- I think you mean importing into ZB… no, just press the import button in the Tool tab

4- In the Tool tab go to Texture and press AUVTiles

Un saludo!


muchas gracias Guillermo!

I found the info about max2obj and import / export options on the zbrush forum.
This is what I got, If somebody need it:

From Max to ZB

Max2Objt Export Plugin
group by object / face quads
rotate model / texture coordinates / normals / smooth groups
vertex scale 1.0

In Zbrush Import options
iFlipY / eFlipY
iSwicthXZ / eSwitchXZ
Unify Scale 8

From ZB to MAX

In Zbrush Export options
Obj / Qud / Txr / Grp
Scale 1

In Obj2Max Plugin
rotate model / texture coordinates / normals / smooth groups / unify
vertex scale 1.0

I hope that helps somebody else too.


hi again, I need a little help with another point, I make some progress exporting from max, importing to zbrush, and back, I also render some test with vray displacement good. My main problem now is how to handle the object in zbrush?
basically, I need to now this,

I have a simple object, a ball for example, export it to obj and import on zbrush, now zbrush add my simple ball to the tools.
I want to use projection master on my ball, paint details, rotate or move the ball, end the projection master session, setup the displacement and export both objects.

now the questions
I must add subdivitions with Tool > Geometry > Divide to make hires the object, and switch between resolutions with A key?
I must export the object back to obj at 1 level subd? how?
I can use my 3dmax uvmaps coordinates? Every time I push the Projection Master Button he ask me to create uv maps for my objects…

thats all for now, thanks!


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