3Delicious 2010/3 Film and Commercial Reels (VFX Artist & TD)


Dear Community,
here is my 2010/3 reels.
I split up my reels into Film and Commercial/RnD. Film work and some selected highlights of different topics are featured in the first one featuring work on “AVATAR”, Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”, The A-Team, G.I. Joe-Rise of Cobra, Dragonball:Evolution and Niko & The Way to the Stars.
The second reel shows commercial work, game cinematics and RnD. Along with that, it introduces “Incendii” my newest endevour.
All movie work is most likely a team effort!

        [3Delicious Film Reel 2010/3](http://vimeo.com/15978240)

>> Shot Breakdowns <<

Commercial & RnD Reel 2010/3

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Thanks for watching and thanks to every artist who participated in making this possible!
With kindest regards,


That is some ridiculously amazing work! I don’t even know what to say.



Excellent work ansi :thumbsup:


Amazing and inspiring work dude!


great reel !!!



Thank you all! I appreciate it!!! And thank you all for participating :slight_smile: The forum here helps people a lot.


If you have a breakdown sheet, post it.

On BTW plugged.



amazing, just amazing. :thumbsup:


beautiful reel :thumbsup:


Dear Robert,
thank you so much for the plug!!!

The breakdown sheet is posted right under the film reel image, a bit hard to find in the post i admit.

Here is the direct link.



Awesome Ansy! Congrats man. You’re a seriously skilled dude.


Hehe nice work Ansi :slight_smile:
when you come to visit US ?


You’ve worked on some amazing projects! Brilliant work mate! So inspiring!


sweet reel!! very inspiring!


Very impressive I must say. I like your VFX work, and nice choice of music too, especially for the Film reel.

Cobra 6


Excellent work Anselm!


IMPRESSIVE! - 5 stars!


WOOW - Can I please see the contract you made with the devil?
Simply amazing.


great work man! quite varied…i like it…


great work!
and thanks for sharing :bounce: