3Delicious 2010/1 Showreel (VFX Artist & TD)


Hy Community,
my name is Anselm v. Seherr - Thoß.

 This is my 2010/1 showreel containig the latest work for Prime Focus VFX (ex-Frantic Films) and research (No James Cameron's AVATAR yet, I'm sorry), jobs i personally really like and some golden oldies ;) All movie scenes are most likely a team effort ;)
[Vimeo Streaming Link](http://vimeo.com/7818721)

       [Showreel Download (Hires)](http://www.3delicious.de/flash/gallery/3Delicious_Showreel_2010-1_H264.mov)
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    Duration: 2:51min.   
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    [Showreel Download(Midres)](http://forums.cgsociety.org/)
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Duration: 2:51min.   
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   [>> Click here for a detailed shot breakdown <<](http://www.3delicious.de/flash/breakdown_2010-1.jpg)

      I would like to point out that i started a Vimeo collection with some R&D works and free downloadable video tutorials for my released and upcoming Training DVDs: [http://vimeo.com/psychosilence](http://vimeo.com/psychosilence)
   My current Resume:
    Still Gallery:
     Meet me on social networks:

       Hope you like my work. Comments and Critique are most likely welcome of course!
with kindest regards,



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I never got around to the tutorials for Box 2 for oleg, but it looks like you picked up my slack…

I might still do some free ones though. Good work man.


Hehe great job…


Amazing work man! I’m a fan :smiley:


wow very good work i like it 2 much but i wont 1 movie 4 u ok upload same 1 ok

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Cool dude, your sweetest reel to date! And I still think that logo dissolve in the beginning is wicked awesome! The Dragonball and GI Joe shots were great too. Cheers!


You already know what I think! :smiley: :beer:


Thanks for the kind words everybody! I extended my Vimeo channel too (vimeo PLUS member now :wink: )

kind regards,


Great reel!



wow anselm
its great to see that all you efforts pay of after all
hope everything else is as good as youre reel :smiley:

congrats for the plug btw

regards, basti


Congrats Anselm! great reel. I like the Ice/snow stuff alot


Well done Ansy!
Love the na…nano…the green stuff in GI Joe :thumbsup:


congrates anselm for the plug! Really nice reel!


wicked! nice job man!


p.s. i would have said it deserved front page but…hahah already there. :wink:


Awesome reel Anselm and congrats on the plug! :thumbsup:


OH wow!

This frontpage plug goes out to all my team mates at Prime Focus and all freelancer friends :slight_smile: It’s never a single soul behind the magic :wink:

Thank you all!


Really really cool work. I specially loved the mermaid, Mercs and PFLow. Can I ask if you do VFX and write shaders or just use other peoples. Does that fall under your job title (VFX/TD)
Just curious whether you’re really good at using existing systems or if you actually have to do development (write stuff in C++) as a TD.

I’d think scripting would be part of your job. Any case thanks for sharing that was really amazing again.


very very good works man.


Very nice reel, Ansi!
Keep emitting particles :wink:

Best regards,