3DCG mini cooper + Occlucion, STUDIO ORENCHI (3D)


rofl, no offense, but… your whole post is total rubbish! please clean your glasses before posting such a nonsense.


Looks so real, Great work.


Wow a surprisingly large number of morons trying to discredit this CG.


i smell envy… :surprised

great work!


that wouldn’t be possible since the entire texture of the vehicle is a straight projection of the original photo onto the model

cleverly done though… and achieves superb realism without too much effort on the render side of things.
it all comes down to positioning the model exaclty so the colours and lighting can be taken from the photograph.

just my 2 cents


im afraid ur wrong , if you check carefully the rendered mini and the real one , youll see the difference. theres too many subtle details that are different, so its not done through camera projection


Err what, you still think this isnt a cgi?

Look at the tires, headlights, radiator grill, panel lines they all look smooth and lacking in real world imperfections so do the specular and reflections. Its got CG written all over it in every single aspect. Its a very good CG but yes

Also if one has the skill to build this model imperfections and all, they are more than capable of learning how to set up a photoreal render for gods sake.


Looks to me like…

The initial main texture of the body was derived from a camera projection, then cleaned up to take care of any misalignment. We do this in a similar way in some of the 2d to 3d conversion processes for 3d feature work for thousands of frames… A hybrid approach, but still not a model integrated into a clean picture. These types of projections are used all the time for destruction scenes and 3d morphs, hell i’ve even done it for BG reconstruction and rig removal. Track it to a moving camera with a limited range of motion to hide the fact that the texture will stretch and you are getting closer to a real world situation that would actually require 3d, also check that film grain.


As all the guys has already said - it’s UNBELIEVABLY realistic! Good job, can’t wait to see the wireframe!


I always have a soft spot for other folks cg Mini’s !.

That’s a great render, there’s a lot of subtletly in the colours that you don’t often see people bothering with in CG.


Realistic shading mate. Congratulations!


Best piece of 3D I’ve seen in years. It’s really inspiring and I’d love to know every step of the process. I really don’t know why you are a student, you’d easily get work with work like that.

Then again, being a student has it’s benefits. :beer:


Pretty amazing reading through this thread, seeing that all of the members thought its a photo.
Gotta be a honor for the artist, that his work can not be differed from a photo anymore.

Great work man, keep it up.


very nice, almost a perfect realistic render!

the tires maybe a tad too clean and reflective, also the chrome grill looks a bit strange.
nonetheless a great looking image…


?? That’s a render? I’m either losing my touch or you’re an amazing artist. I think the latter. Unbelievable attention to detail.

You should be really proud of that, it’s outstanding.


This is blowing my mind with how realistic it is, when I first saw it I thought it was a photo but after seeing the wireframe my mind changed.
To everyone who is still doubting it; just because it’s so good it doesn’t mean it isn’t the real deal. Obviously he has a lot of talent and you guys just have to live with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Upon first viewing, I knew it was CG. Cars don’t usually get that much attention on CGtalk, never lone posted on the front page as well!

Comparing the photo where the 3D car was laid on top of, I could easily tell its 3D and wasn’t all that impressed to be honest, as the paint didn’t seem to reflect as it should, the environment around it.
The 3D version on the bonnet looks a lot more blown out than the car in the photo that you put the car over.

Viewing the original photo though with the CG element away from it proves that there wasn’t that much difference anyway except for reflection differences, so well done on producing an image that tricked people. Its the fact you went over a photo, and had to composite the car, with exact proportions that I’m finding great to see.


Man congratulation this is amazing for, and for student its!! its! i dont know which word to use you are very good keep on! and hope the best for you.


Whilst I am struggling a little to see the point of simulating the photo, I have to say that I really do like this image. My first car was a 1973 Mini that I spent a summer “restoring” so it really made me smile when I saw the dent on the front wing and the door not quite fitting properly. I always thought this was CG, even before reading through the posts but really good CG at that.

Well done and thanks for making me smile with the choice of subject.



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