3DCG mini cooper + Occlucion, STUDIO ORENCHI (3D)


Title: 3DCG mini cooper + Occlucion
Country: Japan
Software: Maya

Hi everyone.


This image is 3DCG softwere MAYA used images.

The time spent on this image was about 1 month+1day.

I hope you like it.


Hello it’s amazing , it’s looks so real good Job Man .
Can you show us a wire .??


pretty realistic rendering, good work :slight_smile:


Hahaha,is this 3d?damn it,awesome render,show the wires please!


This really does just look like a photo.


hoo, very good mn!
amazing render!


Wahoo this is amazing, I seriously can’t tell it is a 3D render, well done, thanks for sharing.


No body can judge it, is it real or 3d, great job…5 star


This is a photograph. I’m almost demanding to see a wireframe shot of this.
The composition of the background photo even suggests that it’s NOT 3D.

Show me a wireframe and I’ll believe you, but until then, this is 100% bs in my eyes.


omg…this is so amazing…please post the wireframe and occlusion too… would certainly love to see them…


Going to re-post,

this is a photograph imo 100%.


Definitely agreeing with Rahl.

Especially coming from someone who is a new member, and the only other piece in his CG portfolio is a mediocre camera phone. Sorry but no. Just no.


The phone render is far from mediocre being quite good,

this said defo this image needs looking into imo.


Creating a phone on that level of detail is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than creating this car in this level of detail, especially with all of the dirt/rust/HDRI maps that would have to be made for this.

Everything from the slight bends in the license plate, down to the few blades of grass sticking to the wheels…it’s all TOO realistic, not to mention the newer Mini Cooper sitting next to it and all.

The biggest giveaway that this is a photo is the background photo. If you were to take the car away, what would the subject of this picture be? Nothing. The depth of field is focused exactly on the position of this car, not whatever is going on in the background.


Thats exactly what i was thinking because who will click this useless photo in the first place in which there will be a lot of negative space without the car. unless the photo is perfectly planned taken on purpose specially for this car render.
my vote - its a photograph(not 3d)


G’Day, I sed to own a white one down here in the late 70’s (past century date there), this is just great and so realistic.
4 stars +


I think it is 3D, but very good composed. Some reflections are to clear and the rust/bump is quite CG. But showing the wire would help us all:)


definitely cg
look at the tires
but a very clean job, good attention to details


It is CG- if you check his profile he also shows the wires and the original photo. Although none of you should feel bad for doubting him since you’ve just given him the best compliment you can give a CG artist - that you don’t believe it’s CG.


Wow, this is awesome. You CG copied the original almost scratch for scratch. Would love to know more about the texturing.