3D Workshop: Digital Anatomy Sculpture 1! The human hand - With Simon Roth


Is your model done entirely in Zbrush?


It started off as a few simple cubes in lightwave. Then got the z-brush treatment.

Hmm the tutorial came out at 30 meg as a swf… :wip:


Flash Video part one

Importing the model and understanding the basics of the interface.

play here

Notes: For navigation.

Press spacebar, click and drag to move your canvas around.

+ and - to Zoom I/O
0 to 100% zoom
ctrl 0 to Half sized AA zoom

E to scale
R for rotate


Hey that’s very cool Simo! Thanks! :slight_smile:

You may want to update all (or select) Workshop Announcement threads as you post new material such as your video tuts.

Here are links to all the Announcements I posted:

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Hehe got another 5 to edit together! Just to cover the basics of getting sculpting!

EDIT LMAO I didnt see we’d done that. Whoa… I also didnt notice you’d posted so many! Thanks!

I best get those videos done quick!


Hey Simon.

So now, I’m thinking of how to go about this, and something sprung to mind:

Is it possible to take a mesh into Zbrush, sculpt it, then take a low sub-division back into my conventional 3d pagage and repose it, take it back into Zbursh and have the detail in the higher sub-divisions remain intact?

I have no Idea if this is possible, hw its done or if my question even makes sense. :slight_smile:

anyway I would appreciate any help.

–David René.



You would be able to take the low subdivision model back to a 3d app but you would lose the higher levels of subdivision.

You could export the highly detailed mesh to your 3d app but a mesh of several million polys would kill most conventional apps.

An option would be to export the low res mesh with a displacement map to retain the details, and then detail it by painting that map.

…hope i’m making sense…




thanks for the quick reply … nah exporting a displacement map was not what I had in mind … I was thinking more of being able to modelling the general detail with the hand in a more uniform pose, and then reposing it and doing the more specific stuff in the final pose…

I’ll browse around for a while and see if I can come up with something anything along those lines … or I’m just gonna have to model the whole thing in the final pose. :slight_smile:

–David René.


Actually this is possible, and a really useful feature of Zbrush. You can import any mesh at any subdivision level as long as the vertex count and order remains exactly the same. That’s crucial. But it’s so handy especially for people who are used to modelling in a conventional 3d app - say you get stuck in with some nice details in Zbrush, then sit back and realise your proportions are screwed, you can take the lowest res mesh out (just with the export option), adjust the proportions using the 3d app you are comfortable with, say using a lattice to modify things, take it back into ZBrush and your higher subdivision levels will be exactly the same, just offset to accomodate your new mesh.

If you need to model a hundred corrective blendshapes or something it’s invaluble.

I can only speak for maya because it’s what I use, but when you import go to import options and for “Create multiple objects” hit false. This will preserve your vertex order. Verrryyy imporrrtant when you have ZBrush in your pipeline i’ve shed so many tears over my vertex order getting changed…


Lord McGoat:

Ahh excellent… so I’m pretty sure I can get the obj-exporting from Maya to work. Im more curious as to how it would work in Zbrush… would I have my tool active an then go the sub-division I exported ad and then re-import it…? I’m a bit shaky on the Zbrush part- would you mind doing a really quick tutorial or pointing me to where I might learn more about this?

–David René.


ACk yeah. looks shamefully at the floor.

Hadn’t thought about that, I guess I have a habit of overlooking things I can’t do with my toolset.


My desktop should be up and running in about 2 or 3 dayz, any tips on how to prepare my self till all is well again?,

btw, i’m for this shop as well, so in the words of mr hankey “hiighdeehoeeee”, i love x-mass pooh.

also, i haven;t ever touched Z brush yet, so i might be a lagging a bit behind you guys.


Yup that’s exactly it :slight_smile: Not sure whether I need to elaborate more than that really, but just so it’s all clear -

[li]With your tool active, go the subdivision level in zbrush you want to export[/li][li]Go tool -> export[/li][li]Import your mesh into maya with “Create multiple objects” set to false in import options[/li][li]Do anything you like without changing the amount of edges, verts, or faces[/li][li]Back in Zbrush, with your tool still active, make sure you’re at the correct subdivision level[/li][li]Hit tool->import, and import your mesh[/li][/ul]As a side note, this will also import the uvs, so you can do your full model in Zbrush, and if you want the uving done somewhere else, just take the model out and back in again with its new uvs.


No problem, join whenever, I’m going to cover all the basics in videos and tuts. (that you will need for the thread). I’m a bit rusty on z-brush myself as I’ve been strictly 2d for the last 4 months. (lol why did I volenteer!?).


Originally posted by Simo: I’m a bit rusty on z-brush myself as I’ve been strictly 2d for the last 4 months. (lol why did I volenteer!?).

No one knows everything about a program. :wink: The beauty of these Workshops is that you get a lot of different perspectives. There are certainly tons of better artists than me participating in the OFDWs. It’s just about learning from each other. :slight_smile:




Lord McGoat:
thanks of help.:thumbsup:
Just tried it out… works like a charm …:applause: Bloody brilliant in my opinion.

–David René.


Big up for cg talk, learners playgorund.


Ok cutting video was hurting my head so I did a quick rundown of some of the tools in the transform menu that will be handy for this thread. (contributions welcome :wink: )


I’m in. Love me some zbrushin’ . I made a hand about a month ago, so it will be interesting to see how I am able to do this time. a question: Is it okay for me to post my 2d paintings if they dont have anything to do with anatomy in this forum, as I am trying to learn how to use color and make 2d stuff digitally. Would I put this in a personal sketchbook thread? thanks. Hopefully I can also scan in some of my traditional stuff to.


Originally posted by argonaut: Is it okay for me to post my 2d paintings if they dont have anything to do with anatomy in this forum, as I am trying to learn how to use color and make 2d stuff digitally. Would I put this in a personal sketchbook thread? thanks. Hopefully I can also scan in some of my traditional stuff to.

Hi argonaut, welcome to the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile: I’ll endeavor to answer this part of the question (Simo is likely asleep now anyway, being in the UK and whatnot). :wink:

Personally, I really don’t mind your posting non~anatomy work here, but typically the place to post non~Anatomy work is here:

WIP/Critique: 2D, Illustrations and Concept Art

Where you will get a lot of advice and feedback from a generally active community. :slight_smile:

However, many people choose to keep personal threads both there and here on the Anatomy Forum, and that is more than fine by me.

Here on the Anatomy Forum, the place to post your own thread is here:

Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads

See this thread for basic info. regarding setting up your own Anatomy Thread:

FAQ: Can I Create My Own Anatomy Thread?

If you are interested in drawing / painting people, either digitally or traditionally, the following Workshops are recommended:

I5 Minute Sketchathon - Thread 2: Sketches
For fast, gestural studies.

Open Figure Drawing Workshops
For long term studies (2~4 weeks) where we are lately doing Master Copies. The lastest OFDW is OFDW 016, which just started and will continue for the next 4 weeks. I always encourage people to participate in the latest OFDW, so that people can work as a group.

Anyone may create their own Anatomy Thread and join / leave the Workshops at any time. Hope to see your participation! :slight_smile: