3D Workflow Tut's for DFX+


Hey gang, just trying to scope the feasibility of my doing some tutorials on 3D workflow between your 3D app of choice, and DFX+.

For those of you new to DFX+ (or Digital Fusion for that matter) I have written a number of tutorials when I was with eyeon Software, which can be found on their web site. I was also responsible for writing a majority of the courseware materials that ship with the DF/DFX+ products.

The idea would be a CD shipped to you with a number (to be determined) of tutorials, accompanying flows, 3D projects, footage, etc. Eventually this could lead to themed CD’s. Motion Graphics, Text+, Particles, etc.

Just trying to figure out if it’s worth the hassle of setting up a separate web site, payment options, and shipping, etc. If I get enough calls for this, I will do it, and it opens up the possibility of more tutorials later.


I for 1 am all for it. Be sure to post the question in the LW forum, or at least point them here, since there are soon to be quite a few new proud owners of DFX+.

If it’s worth anything, I’d really like to see some tutorials that get into the art and use of RPF, Depth Maps, and this sort of post work compositing. You know, all the stuff you could do in 3D that takes forever to render, but can be done so much more quickly in DF.

I’m not sure what 3D app you use, but if you had a focus on LW, i’d be all for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for doing this! You can always do what some others have done, and sell the CD’s at a discount for the first week, and then increase it by $10 or $15 thereafter.

Now come on people…let’s get behind this man and give him some support!:beer:

Also, I asked http://www.cgfocus.com to post a blurb about your need for feedback. I hope you don’t mind…i just love DF and coming from you, this is news worthy!!


Hey Jayk2k,

That’s a great idea! :beer:

Let’s hear some more about this! :cool:



as one of the soon to be proud new owners of dfx+ i’d defaintly liek to see somethign liek this

as i have never done any compositing before so will probally need all the help i can get


KillMe…congrats on getting DFX+!!!

The courseware that ships with DFX+ and the accompanying DVD are really good and will get you up to speed in no time.

I really hope Jason decides to take this on, and continue with some great tutorials that take off where the courseware left off.

I’m all for it and will scream it from the mountaintops to get eyeballs here looking to convince Jason that doing the CD tutorials is a good idea. :slight_smile:

Heck man…maybe you can make enough cash off of these to plan a trip to Greece, or Hawaii, or some other cool place…or just buy more seats of DF. :thumbsup:


So what would you guys be willing to pay for something like this? If the avg. CD had say 5-8 tutorials, footage, and related materials.


$25 to $30 a piece? for maybe the first 2 weeks when they are out, then you could raise it to $49.95 for each set thereafter.

a lot of the price hinges on the quality of the work in the tutorials.

I think it will also be important to offer some small samples of the tutorials online so we can get a feel for what the overall CD will be like.

Look at www.dvgarage.com to see what i mean.

I know Alex charges around $99 for each of his sets, but they contain on average around 11 tutorials and assets on each CD.


put me on your list as well - I will probably preorder the LW8 upgrade :wink:


I would like advice on how to sell the DFX+ that comes with the LW upgrade.
I have no idea how to go about it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


just go to ebay and do so, there are instructions there on how to sell goods you have for sale. or start another thread in the DF forum…

but what does this have to do with Jason’s request for feedback on doing tutorials? let’s stay on topic please. :slight_smile:


$25-50 would seem fair enough to me - i dont know exactl what ships with the dfx+ thats comes in the lw offer soi might not ge the dvd so might need tutorials to get me upto speed would also like to see how itworks with lw since hehe now i will have my very own seat of lw and dfx and i got a dv camcorder well i’m only short of actors before i make my very own film heheh =)


…or start another thread in the DF forum…

Fair enough.

I’m currently trying Ebay, but there’s no takers.

btw - My question does pertain to something I’m trying to do with the app, so it’s OT.

Thanks again. I’ll leave you fellas alone.


Im game for this as well. How about a book to :slight_smile:


Well if you order the lightwave upgrade with DFX+, it’ll come with the courseware book that I helped write as it is.

Above and beyond that I’ve been thinking it over for a while now. I’m still amazed that there are no real compositing technique books out there. A lot of theory and math, but not too many techniques.

Maybe once i’m done my contract here, I can get to work on it.


hello zarathustha,

don’t sell your dfx+, with a cheap pc, you could use it to create a separate comp and fx machine. i mean the price of a dell is dirt cheap now. if you really don’t want it, i"ll give $100 for it.

put me in for those fusion tutorials, that sounds like a great idea.


hey Jayk,

Its Paul Moran here from VFXTalk.com :slight_smile:

I didnt realise that you had left eyeon :frowning: …when did all that happen … ? i wondered why i hadnt received any tutorials latley :wink:

I reckon this idea of your is VERY worthy!! At the end of the day, tutorials are the foundation of learning!! I would be very keen to get my hands on these puppies…

remember we have a completely online system for tutorial creation on our site, so if you ever have the inkling to do more, you can author some directly on the site (shameless plug :P)

Let me know if theres anything we can do over at VFXTalk to increase your publicity at all :slight_smile:

Cheers mate



Hey Paul.

Yeah, there was need of my skills here in BC for a feature film, and so I left eyeon about 3 months ago.

As far as an update to the rest of y’all, I’ve since been contacted about a DF book! (Thanx Policarpo!)

I still feel there will be a need for 3D workspace tutorials in the very near future, so at the very least this I think will be done somehow. (All these lightwave guys coming out of the wood work.) Anything above and beyond that may end up exclusive to the book.

So as the details get hammered out, I’ll keep you all updated.


a book!!! mmmm :slight_smile: …you’ll be the ‘Jack Pfieffer’ of the DF world LOL

Pioneer the first 3rd party DF book …top-notch!!!

Keep me posted on how this pans out!

Cheers mate, keep in touch



Originally posted by Jayk2k
[B]Hey Paul.

(All these lightwave guys coming out of the wood work.) Anything above and beyond that may end up exclusive to the book.

So as the details get hammered out, I’ll keep you all updated. [/B]

well as ya know…or may not…my last name is Wood. :love:

DO IT MY MAN!!!:buttrock:


the cd’s sound cool… i’d be willing to pay.