3D work critique request



My name is Tanel.
I am from Estonia:
In past i have used a bit After Effects and Photoshop but last year when i was working with small test project on After Effects using video-co pilot plugin named as Element 3D i decided to dig deeper and search alternative software where i have more freedom to create something.
I Discovered Cinema 4D and later thanks to Simon Holmedal one youtube video i discovered Houdini.
I so i got myself the program and started to poke around in it.
This was my first attempt to create something.
It was based on tutorial i found on internet (Ben from BW Design)
After a time i was able to create something based on that tutorial.
Here are some examples:

And here are final renders from those:
Rendering one video took me 2 weeks with my old gen i7 cpu with 8gig ram

At one point i wanted to do a logo animation but i had no clue how to do it.
I was also fan of high detail
So i decided to investigate more. And in one Houdini tutorial they mentioned zbrush and that you can create 3D obejcts there.
So i decided to give a try. (in my head i was thinking that i will then create 3D model in zbrush and then take it to Houdini and build some cool effect on top of it).

So i started with zbrush.
This was my first attempt in zbrush:

After this was done i decided to do something more bad-ass so i google-ed for different images and monsters and found a 3D model.
This one:
So i decided i till try to create model myself based on pictures. And Here are progress and samples:
After the orc face and teeth were done i decided to also do better looking nose ring.
I wanted to explain this so that people understand better when they look what i have done.
Here is a final render from that Ogre:
After the Ogre was done i did enjoy sculpting a lot so i decided to do some other model.
I posted my stuff also to Estonian website:
But had many haters and those who speak that all i do is wrong and bad.
But i knew that moust of them do not do 3D art at all. They do not understand anything about 3D (they are moustly front end web designers)
But i posted my work there because it is one of the only design related forum in estonia.

Anyway at one point i found a Wei Wang concept pictures for World of Warcraft.
And i decided to sculpt something also similar style.
This is how i started with that one:
But now i was facing a problem that i do not have body for the model
So i decided to suculpt one and to prof others who bashed me in pixel that i can do it.
Here are sample renders of my first anatomy sculpt.
So now i was able to poke that orc head on top of the body
As fan of details i wanted orc face to have more details for camera close shots when having vfx effect on top of it.
So i decided to study and learn how to add more details and i was also wondering how can i texture the model.
Discovered what is re-topo and how to do it (need more practice)
And also learned what is UDIM-s. As i wanted my Orc to have more details on the face i had to put head on different UV tile.
Also learned about xyz displacements
Here is a orc face progress so far:

At one point i decided texture the model and i decided to go with Mari (because Mari handles UDIM tiles better then substance).
In substance you have to select UDIM tile in order to paint on it ant for me this is so anoying + it creates an extra problem as at end of udim tile when you paint you get that sharp edge. In Mari there is no such issue.
Here are some samples from my Mari texturing
Then one day i applied for small game studio in Estonia (outsourcing studio) and received info that they need also modeling skills. (many confuse modeling with digital sculpting).
So i started to study modeling in Houdini and a bit in Maya.
This where i started my dagger project
Also poked around in Houdini tying some VFX efefct on top of the dagger
Here are my first attempt to texture the dagger:

And here is second attempt

This is no way near done.
Same goes with Orc
Had to put Orc on pause because i applied to game studio (outsourcing studio) and they told me that they need me also to know how to model. And this is why i started my dagger project at the first place. I am interested in 3D but especially that level what you see in game trailers of movies.
That type of VFX stuff is interesting for me.
I am no near done and i think there is always some thing to learn.
It is a bit harder when my daily job is not 3D related. I work as IT support (over 7 years now)
And after work and all weekends i try to look different tutorials and educational videos so i can improve and be hireable in 3D studio.
I have no clue how good or bad i am and this is why i am asking HONEST feedback.

Note! I do not have option for those expensive 3D schools and there is no 3D school in Estonia. So all i can do is try to understand and study myself.
I am currently 35 and i hope it is not too late for me.
I study and try to create 3D every week after work (total 45 to 60 hours).

Below: 1 sample from 3D sculpting and texturing “progress”

Tanel from Estonia

Link to my “progress” in 3D


From looking at your model, your models seems to look a bit soft and not completely thought out. What I mean by that is, when I look at the Orc model, the texture is doing more of the sculpting for you rather than you sculpting them in yourself. I see high frequency details on a model that is not finished. You don’t want to add details to make a model look finished because many professionals will be able to see right through that.
I think it’s great that you’re educating yourself with whatever knowledge you can gain. However, what is also really great for learning as a modeler is to really observe. Try to ask yourself, why certain shapes look a certain way. Some people that are frail and bony, what makes certain areas sink in and the bone being really close to the skin versus a chubbier person where it is much harder to see bony landmarks. Constantly observe the world around you and ask yourself what makes the shape behave the way that it does. Do learn anatomy and all the foundations you should know but these are also guidelines for you, not the rule. Not everyone has their muscle flexed and showing every muscle definition with the exception of body builders. Observing and studying foundation is very important as a modeler ! :smiley:
Hope this helped a bit and anytime you need a critique, youre always welcome to come back and post your WIP !