3D Viewport handle interfering


In Nuke 6.3, from 3D top view, when drag select a couple of points from the center of a card and try to move them, the whole card moves. The 3D transform handle (which moves the whole card) interferes with movement of individual points. Is there anyway to go around this problem? Apparent, I’m watching a tutorial but based on Nuke 5, and the demostration didn’t seem to have this problem. Thanks in advance.


Did you change the card to a bilinear or bicubic? Nuke can’t arbitrarily edit points, edges and faces on geometry


Oh sorry, yes changed to bicubic. And while trying to select and manipulate the center points from top view, the manipulator gets in the way and moves everything. Anyway around this issue?


oh that. The only way is to make the manipulator smaller so you don’t accidentally grab it. It is in Preferences > Viewers > 3d handle size.


It’s very strange because the tutorial that I was watching is based in Nuke 5 and the guy is using normal handle size… and when he dragged… the handle didn’t react, only the points did. In fact change handle size was the first thing I did… and it still gets in the way. Because the center points of a card is exactly over lapping the center position of the handle. It’s very strange there is no way around it. Also the points doesn’t have handle of their own, making it imposible to move things around in perspective view in a group. Lol maybe I’m just being picky, since I’m a modeler and those are the basics of a 3D package… am I asking too much of Nuke? hahah


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