3d tracker solving constraints



is there some way to help the 3d solver by selecting tracked points and telling him that these should be on the same plane for example? I imagine this could help in some scenarios but i could not find any way to do this. When looking at the point cloud, one sometimes can clearly see points that do not make sense.


i’d like to see the same functionality like in pftrack or boujou.

the only things i know of both involve right clicking on the points (you always have to do this from a 2d viewer, i recommend having one 3D and one 2D viewer open), and right clicking -> trackers -> ground plane.

You can also right click and create scale constraints between the trackers.

Check out the free video tutorials on thefoundry’s website.


Thanks, but i know about the scale constraints and creating geometry. I was hoping for something that helps the solving process, but i guess thats not possible.


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