3D text simulation


Hey everyone! I have a question regarding a job I currently have.

My goal is to get 3D text which I have (Illustrator curves imported as a bevel extruded) to fall onto a ground plane and settle. My gut instinct was to use rigid bodies, but switched to ncloth due to the non-existent caching option. nCloth is taking way too long to simulate, and giving me bad results. I set my text up using the “concrete” preset within nCloth.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


Rigid bodies don’t have caching?


You can use bullet. Either Mayas integrated version or Dynamica.


Where can I download Bullet or Dynamica?


Nope, there is a “Memory Caching” option, but it doesn’t output caching data files.


With nCloth I think the suggested workflow would be that the letters are combined in a one polygon before nCloth simulation. The speed - issues you were having would most likely be solved.

For the Bullet, what version of Maya are you using ? Because bullet is coming as a standard Maya feature since version 2012, if my memory serves me right.

See this ( Maya 2013 docs ):


I Hope this helps.



Thanks for your replies everyone!

I actually solved the issue I was having. I originally created the text by using Create>Adobe Illustrator Curve tool. That automatically created my geometry, and it was ALL messed up. Like 6 verts on top of each other messed up. So I reimported the curves only and manually extruded the text, which solved the problem. I re-set up my nCloth with normal settings and it simulated correctly.


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