3D Text messed up Extrusion Cap


Hi there,

i´m building some 3D text elements.
I tried to prepare my text Spline so that there are always Vertices across from each other.

But it does not help. Like always, extrusion cap is messing up the topology.
In the curves there are even overhanging polygons.

With a lot of Edge turning and rebuilding polygons i can get a clean model,…

…but i am wondering if there is some technique or trick trick to get a clean extrusion cap.
Thanks in advance for any tip or trick


That is a bit the nature of the beast. My suggestion would be to extrude and then use the subdivide modifier. Turn regularize up to one. Also on the subdivide try some of the different algorithms, I think delaunay works pretty good. You can then use the Retopology modifier if you need further refinement.

Or, have you tried using the Bevel modifier instead of extrude? It doesn’t triangulate the cap, so it stays clean.