3D StillLife, Mahesh chary (3D)


Title: 3D StillLife
Name: Mahesh chary
Country: New Zealand
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

My target is to make realistic digital output from the photo reference. Every thing i have done in Maya and its based on still life photo shoot with camera. First i was done with concept art and gathered objects in to photo studio and snapped a nice photo using all studios equipments soft light box, key lights and reflectors. Used mental ray render passes and composited colour correction in Nuke.

Unfortunately i couldn’t figure out the same concept art objects for the scene so i made what i got from the research.
I hope you all like it.
Thanks for comments.

Making of,

By am3dartist at 2009-07-21


Wow, that’s some really great work. You did a fantastic job of recreating the photo. At first, I thought you’d done some clever camera projection stuff, but after close scrutiny, that doesn’t appear to be the case. I particularly like the grapes, and the way the light falls onto them.

I’m putting this one on the front page.


Beautiful work! It’s very photo-real. :buttrock:

Can you give a breakdown on the material settings…particularly the leaves and the curtain?

Great job!


Great job man :beer:


Sick man! Love it! Excellent work. Did you use mia_material_x for the hard surface work and miss_fast_skin for grapes? My only crit would be the grapes that are more in shadow in the photo have a deeper richer color that tends towards the blue end of the spectrum while your grapes remain a fairly consistent hue from the very bright area to the dark area. Might be nice to have that dark, rich, bluer hue in the more shadow side. Also the round balls hanging on the piece of porcelain (or whatever material it is) might be picking up a little bit too much of the bounce from that material…they look a little washed out. That’s being picky though. Love the glass!


Really good work man, congrats on the front page.


What a beautiful still, with a surprisingly modern and fresh look! Congratulation! :arteest:


wonderful image, very well done :slight_smile:


really amazing work!

i know it’s easy to be a critic but i was just wondering if the difference in colour intensity from the photograph was intentional?


Mahesh, you did a great job of reproducing the photo, which was also shot quite nicely. So double congratulations! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Well, if any one says it doesnt look photo reel, show em the photo!

Nice work.


Very well done!

Adding more color saturation to the grapes will get you another step closer to the reference.

Great work!:slight_smile:


Amazing work, I think that grapes need more SSS according to original image.


render !Very nice!


Wow very well done. Really looks like the photo! Amazing shaders and perfect lighting. Very convincing! Thumbs up!




Good quality render.Nice composition.:arteest:


wow amazing work very good look & i see real image

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:

i vote 4 u :wip:


This is so fantastic! would you care to share your shader settings on the grapes? Fantastic work!!


Beautiful work, awesome lighting, textures and all over render. Fantastic.


Really great still life :thumbsup:

Lighting, composition … I like everything in it ^^

Congrats :slight_smile: