3D sketchbook - various models, renders etc.


Most Recent Update:


I thought I might start a thread with all the bullshitting around in the various 3d-programs that I do.

Heres a start. A fisherman:






A little update on the fishing guy:


Another little update on this fishing guy. Think ill do a picture with him.

Still only modelling actually. Still cant help making some shading and ligthing stuff while I model.


Awesome and very quirky character design! Is he going to be animated?


Womball: Hey thanks! No im not animating him. Im maybe gonna finish the picture - lets see if I have the dedication on that one:)

I wanted a small shot with a car in a studio-rendered environment. Heres a wip:

sleepz nowz.



Looking great. I really enjoy the fishing guys design and emotional quality. I’m looking forward to more.



Im playing around with some HRDI maps:

Dont mind the bad raytrace settings:P

Slowly moving forward with this old russian guy.


Heres two renders from the short commercial-clip im working on. The idea is to do a over the top commercial for a old russian car.

Here is a small playblast of the scene so far.

Hope you like.


Im working on a new picture for fun. Its got a horse:

Basic modelling and concept.


A little update on the horse-picture:

Playing around.

Hope all is well.


hey ppl.

I know its a lot of different stuff in here. Im doing alot of different stuff at the moment. Right now im playing around with this:

Alot of balls in the air at the moment. Thats all for the 3d-frenzy!


[left]Heres a update on the Coca Cola thing im playig with:

Dont mind the crappy jpg formatting and the bad raytracing settings… Hope it gives an idea of which way im going.

Would love to hear some input on the shading. Is the spec to heavy?

Take care.


Another update here. Thought I might throw it through Fusion with some propper color-gradig and some good renders. Heres the result:

I changed the glass material slightly and added another HRDI fore reflection.

Hope you like it.

over and out.


I don’t understand why your not getting critiques, but a lot of your stuff is very very nice! Keep up the good work :smiley:


I don’t understand why your not getting critiques, but a lot of your stuff is very very nice! Keep up the good work :smiley:


bakuryu06: thanks man. Im glad you like it!


Another update on the horse:

Still alot of way to go.


The horse picture makes me smile :slight_smile:

good job!


hey thomas!

great toon models.
though i don’t really think it looks like a horse, more a big dog. i think you could work a little more on it’s snout. maybe it’s just becase the snout “bends” upwards to the nose instead of downwards to the mouth.
i think you should bring the knees up a bit aswell. even if it’s a toon model, i still think they’r placed too low.



DarkTure: Thats the meaning! Thats good! :slight_smile:

rasmusW: Hey. Thanks for the crits. I think your right on the dog-thing. Its been bugging me too. The head doesnt work too well right now. Ill have to study some horses a bit more I think:) Good points on the snout/mouth curve of the head. Ill definately try out playing with it.