3d Sculpting Workshop - Old Age


OCT. 09, 2007
Put that dragon back on his shoulder where it belongs…:slight_smile:
You know …Magdalena,…I have managed somehow to save a texture in the three subtools that are the base in this sculpture, and his walking stick…don’t ask me how I did it, :scream: …but every time I go to save the tool, and press save, the letter box comes up at the end of the sequence asking me …Would you like to include the currently selected TEXTURE within the saved tool…It’s the brownish colored texture that looks like kernells of rice in the texture squares…That texture is saved into those rocks that I am using as my sculptures base, and his walking stick.
Just thought that I would let you know, that somehow it is possible to save your selected textures into the subtools, because you wrote above that it couldn’t be done in Z BRUSH.
I never pressed the …M…, or the other MRGB while doing those subtools originally, so maybe that has something to do with it saving the textures into the subtool…just guessing here, will have to go back and try it again to see what happens, and wheather or not that is the reason the texture got saves into the sub tool.


I have been looking through this thread for how to do fine wrinkles, but can’t seem to find it. I’m really interested in creating very fine precise wrinkles.


HEY …Womball…:slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that back at the beginning of this thread, Antropus/Kris
wrote a really nice little tutorial on how to get those fine looking wrinkles that your after, the kind he used on his model…I can remember reading it, …but wasn’t into doing wrinkles for mine, so I never tried it,…but that tutorial of his should still be there, i’m pretty sure…:slight_smile:


Did not see any tutorials on it in the thread. Antropus appears on page 13 with his first image. Also I just discovered the P key. This changes to perspective mode. The model looks more accurate in this mode, however I’m not sure if its wise to sculpt in perspective or not.


Glenn that’s not what I ment :slight_smile: You can save 1 texture with the tool that’s my problem… meaning that I’d have to have the same uvs on 1 map for all the subtools and I’d like to have separate maps for different subtools :scream: … like Kris said it’s possible by converting the maps to polypaint but somehow that often causes nasty stuff [black spots appearing all over the place - not in the seams area!]… so yeah I haven’t gotten over that hurdle yet :slight_smile:

Womball - Kris posted a detailed step by step process of creating wrinkles in this post: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4626299&postcount=227


Ah it was all words, no wonder why I missed it. I may try combining that with alphas created from the source materials (used as stencils). The l-brush isn’t too good for tiny curved lines. Well not on the base settings.

edit- zapp link 3 is now available!

How could you use this in a workflow?


OCT. 10, 2007
Magdalena…LOL…And here I was,thinking that I may have discovered by accident something that you didn’t know about Z BRUSH…oh well…maybe someday,…but I dought it…:scream:



Great going, Glenn!!:thumbsup:

Kris, respects!! :bowdown:

Here’s my progress so far… working on the lower part of the sari.


OCT. 11, 2007

Thanks …Anand…I’m trying to learn this program…I know alot more about it than I did when I started this work shop,…so I guess the work shop worked the way a work shop is supposed to work…Can’t
wait for the next one…:slight_smile:
I think she needs…FEET, or else she is going to be tripping over or on that BEAUTIFUL CLOTH, you made for her, when she walks…:scream: :slight_smile: …just a passing thought.:slight_smile:

Another combination


OCT. 12, 2007
Started working on the dragons eyes, using sub tools…will put a brighter set of red RUBY jewel like eyes on top of this first set, which were used to get the shape of the socket in place…new to this sub tool method of doing eyes, so will be experimenting with this method of doing eyes as I go along.


OCT. 13, 2007
Put the eyes in the dragon as sub tools…RUBY EYES…:slight_smile:


OCT. 13, 2007
Finally starting to get the hang of working with these sub tools…FINALLY…:slight_smile: …RUBY EYED DRAGON .:slight_smile:


OCT. 14, 2007
I have taken this image, taken from a DaVinci ink sketch,… Created it as a sculpture, and have taken it in that direction as far as I care to…Now, it is off to make it into a TWO AND A HALF D …PAINTING,…using the PROJECTION MASTER funtion in Z BRUSH, and trying out all of those great two and a half D texture brushes ect. on this image…I have never used the PROJECTION MASTER, so it should be interesting if nothing else, for me anyway…:slight_smile:


OCT. 14, 2007
A closeup of this multi metaled sculpture…:slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if and when we might have another sculpting workshop? Really enjoyed the last one. :slight_smile:


Hi MR. James - glad you liked the workshop :slight_smile: Watch out for another one in the middle of this month :smiley: [fingers crossed!]


too bad I missed this workshop, great theme
congrats for all the great sculpts!


I’d be willing to toss a crossed toe or two in, for that, as well :slight_smile:


Hi i’ve just done some models in 11 days and i thought maybe i can show them here! here is some pics :

Here is a full body of frankenstein i did after 24 hours of working in 3 days( i used the refrences that i found from internet by searchin in google)

This one took me 5 hours of working the whole model

This head which is belong to the pirate i made took me 4 hours to sculpt

And here is another one i’ve sculpted the head in 4 hours

And here is the base mesh i did with zsphere in zbrush and did some edit in maya and used it for all my sculpts

I hope you guys like them.

Siamak roshani.


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