3D Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE


Great workshop. Lots of great works. Good job everybody.
@McJAKe: Congratulation for your first child.

This is mine. It’s late but I like to share it anyway.
It’s stallion of the cimaron, hehehe… just kidding. :smiley:



Great workshop, and congrats to all!

Anandpg: His hair was generated basically using 3ds max hair and fur. Nothing fancy, I just selected the general area and worried mostly about my hair lenght. I then did a quick hair -> mesh conversion. I imported the mesh into zbrush and used the deformation->inflate tool till I got a hair thickness that I thought looked good and then I just used the regular brushes, mostly move and snakehook to get the desired look. It works really well I think.

I’m going to upload a final version of the Ibex once I get home, I just didn’t get the chance to last night!



JULY 21, 2008

Z BRUSH 3D flat plane tool…relief sculpture/painting.
A little further along with this experiment in creating a wave action using Z BRUSH alphas and materials for this sea lion cave that i’ve been working on and am trying to finish.
I went to the library, and got a good book on seascapes the other day.
GREAT book, and painter…He explaines and demonstrates how all of the different wave actions work…Crashing against rocks, foam action, transparent water, luminousity, and a ton of other stuff that’s really important to understanding wave action…:slight_smile:


Thanks anandpg for a great workshop! And thank you for taking the time to post the movies, It is very appreciated.

vlad74-- Graet job! I really like the anatomy study with this .

Agostinuke- Nice detailing, it turned out really great. Thanks for the reply re: HD, that is kid of what I thought but I haven’t used it myself yet.

SpiritDreamer- Great! Your work has really shown me a new way of looking at zbrush, thank you for sharing your process! Nice effect with the waves by the way.

Deepam, nice lion so far, I would love to see his head.

FlatlentFuzz- Pretty good start on this, don’t give up. I would say to keep going on it if you can and work through the parts you couldn’t finish in time.

Aumakua- Great job! That is a serene scene, do you think you will get to paint it?

Targus-good job on the muscle study. :slight_smile:

Edgemaster- Nice job on your chimp, he has an inquisitive look about him. :cool:

McJAKe- Congrats! good job on the wolf so far, bummer on the crashes. Do you use the save from the Subtool Master plug in? I don’t have any crashes saving with that.
Great boar by the way.

Sycen- cute stallion, he looks very relaxed.

I hope that I didn’t miss anyone’s work, there was a bunch to catch up on here. Outstanding job everyone!


Here is a link to a turntable animation of the final model. I spend a lot of time tinkering with fur sculpting techniques, but I just couldn’t find anything I was happy with so I decided to leave it as is considering the time constraints. Overall, I’m happy with the result, and it was a great learning experience.

[b]1280x720 HD at Vimeo.com



  • Steve


Thanks everybody for your contributions!!:bowdown: You guys made it a great workshop!

Hey Rebecca!! Thanks a lot! It was an immense pleasure to run this workshop!!

AUMAKUA: Great work, buddy! I love the way you have detailed the ground too!:thumbsup:

targus: Thats a really cool ecorche!:thumbsup: Thanks for contributing this wonderfully different piece!

Edgemaster: Hey Alex! Great sculpt! A few good shadows and a little color variation on the fur should do the job! Hope you will work further on it to make a great finish.

McJAKe: Hey Jake! CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a father!!:thumbsup: Thanks for your participation! It could be fantastic sculpt if you finished it.

Hey Vlad! great work on the monkey!.. wish you had the time to pose it!

Hey Agostino! Yes, man! Now I can see the detail you have put in… Good job!:thumbsup:

Great work, as always, Glenn! Its great to have you here! I will look out for that book. thanks!

Hey Sycen! Good work on the horse! I love the pose! Hope you continue working on it.

inkskin: Thanks a ton for participating, Heather!! Your are awesome!

speveo: Great work, Steven! Thanks for the tip on fur. I will try that out on my next sculpt! …but with maya fur, of course!:smiley:

Thanks everybody!! Meet you for the next one!!:wavey: Those of you who want to keep posting, please do so! I will come and have a look every now and then. :slight_smile:


GLenn, that’s a really good stylized depiction of sea water - your study shows really well!
inkskin - thanks! yes, i will try to get some time and paint the guys :slight_smile:
speveo - great turntable :slight_smile: i will try to render something similar tonight to upload heh
Anand - thank you for this awesome workshop :wink: can’t wait for the next one!


Hey Anand !!
I apologize for starting late :buttrock: , as I told earlier, this month is going to be very busy for me, that HMC # 15 deadline is also coming fast :hmm: I feel bad for not starting at the right time :banghead: [B]

Hope that all guys will do continue visiting this thread.[/B]

I agree with streamlined bodies issue, its looking little wide, but as I am going for a male lion so it may be wider then female as I think so, will apply some corrections, thanks :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for the videos . . . great job :thumbsup:


JULY 22, 2008

Inkskin…THANKS…:slight_smile: …Z BRUSH is still in it’s infacy as a tool for artist…People who like to control other people,artist and art, will say as they always have with new things,… that it should only go and grow in one direction, and using it in any other way other than their way is not correct…Just like the acadimics in the salons tried to stifle the impressionist when they came into being…
New frontiers are meant to be explored, and only stop being fronteirs the minute someone puts a fence up,that barres the way.
All I can say, is the same thing that the guy in the movie BRAVEHEART said at the end…FREEEEEDOM… :bounce: :slight_smile:

Finding your own style of creating, is like finding yourself. Until it happens, you are lost, and wearing someone elses shoes, and will end up walking on their path, and not the one you have created for yourself…:slight_smile:

Anand…THANK YOU…:slight_smile: and THANKS AGAIN for the workshop,…it was/is GREAT…:thumbsup:

THANKS Nick…:slight_smile: I really like the way yours is progressing…hope you get a chance to push it even further…it’s a great piece, and worth it.:slight_smile:

A little further along this morning with this sea lion cave.
Toning things down, going for color values, and a better sense of realism,…and learning alot as I push it further…:slight_smile:
All work done on it using Z BRUSH


Hey This is my first Z-Brush Trial, took a really really long time, but hope you all like it, please gimme feedbacks to improve…


Even if this is a very abused phrase right now: Great work everyone!:buttrock:

This workshop has been great fun and I am looking forward to the next one, while hoping I wont have to take almost 2 weeks time out from that one as well. lol Many thanks for a great experience, Anand!

Still rather late, rough and incomplete, here’s my tentative finish. :

MR test-render with wip-Shave hair on the 126k mesh, no further sculpting or posing. Admittedly its just one of the better looking test renders, while I was trying out different things for the hair. :wink:

There’s still loads of work ahead with some proportional edits, detailing, rigging, texturing etc and the hair is just a sketch as well. I’ll keep working on this as time permits.

Cheers and all the best to everyone! :arteest:

Edit: I exchanged the old Lambert shader image with one sporting a Blinn and a little nicer overall look.


I have been busy for some time (no holiday at all :slight_smile: )
and did not have enough time to finish my little “snail project” by the end of the workshop - so - no update of mine this time :frowning:
I am just dropping in for a moment to say hi, great work everyone, incl. all the “latecomers”!

not sure when/if I ever finish my little snail composition - still need to study/learn a lot to be able to complete it somehow .. (still missing a lot of essential skills) - but - just wanted to say - I am glad I could have been a part of this workshop anyway!

thanks for all the help/comments from you guys!  
and - especially - thanks to you, Anand!
I cant express enough how valuable help (and joy! ) it was watching your videos - thanks for sharing! everytime I watched it I learned something new and - got inspired again ... thanks!  (I am glad you tackled all that video-editing - I know what you are talking about - but - your effort is greatly appreciated by many artists in the end, no doubt! and - thanks for your beeing helpful anytime anyone needed it :)

so many different approaches in here.. really great "modelling/sculpting lesson" for a 3d newbie like me, and a pleasure watching other artists in action, 
I enjoyed all that great work in progress a lot; 
though I did not understand all the techniques used/mentioned, I learned so much in here :)  

and - also thanks, Rebecca, for your "silent supervision"  
and for letting Anand run this great workshop :)
good luck everyone!

p.s. just to let you know, Brian - the tip you gave me some time ago on my "subtools-material" issue helped a lot, it worked fine - I only had little time to play more around with the settings, but tried out enough to see it was working fine, thanks a lot!

and Glenn, thanks for your last comments and your advice concerning textures - well - I have never ever touched texturing at all so far - I only got that far I was able to try to apply some polypainting combined with the basic ZB materials (for the second time ever in fact :) ) -  so .. not have a clue of what you are talking about when "combining" textures is concerned - but - never mind - one day I´ll (perhaps) understand :) 
thanks anyway!


Hey guys, everyones work looks great! I havnt had time to work it lately and i realize the workshop jsut ended on sunday! I crammed in some work today and here is what i came up with. Not bad for a first model IMO :slight_smile: There are still many things i wanted to do such as add teeth and it seems like i forgot a horn on the side of the head but I’m proud of what i came up with and i feel alot more comfortable with zbrush. Thank you everyone that helped me and thank you anand for this workshop. I look forward to future workshops.

Here is my image. I dont know how to get it into 3dstudio max to render it yet so i just took a screen shot from zbrush :slight_smile:


I can see that great work keeps coming :slight_smile:
Glenn, great rendition of the stormy sea waters, I can see elements from japanese traditional paintings now!
Preethi, trully excellent work on the giant turtle! hope you’re going to paint it as well :slight_smile:
Felix, well built stallion and awesome mane !
Luke, is that your very first model?? congrats man!

I did a small turntable of the family last night…


AUMAKUA- Thanks man.

Anandpg - I will go back to it for sure :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. Great work.

BE inspired :slight_smile:


Anandpg has compiled the SPOTLIGHT thread for this Workshop and it can be seen on the frontpage currently - here is the link to the thread:

SPOTLIGHT: BEST of 3d Sculpting Workshop - ANIMAL IN REPOSE

[left]I’ve also, of course, included Anand’s image. :slight_smile:



congrulate artists…this workshop is very great inspired…love it…hope to see u guys on nxt workshop.

sorry,sir…ahem…belate post. is it permit to post here?? if not, i can remove it.:frowning:
i think that i will make my own threading, watever i will post my works.but am very scary that i dont know wat it is going to happen?

here is belate final.


htodi, you are welcome to post images here as long as you like. :slight_smile: However, only those images that make the deadline will be included in the Spotlight Thread.


k thnk for ur prompt reply…i thank u for post it(deadline)in spotlight…my work progress images r good enough in spotlight.


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