3D Scanning With An Android Phone - Forge App


Since there was a thread about iPhone X facial capture, look at this.

In 2014 there was apparently an Android app called Forge that let you 3D scan with millimetric accuracy and full texture capture using a USB depth camera (i.e. stereo camera) attached to your Android smartphone or tablet:



I don’t know whether or not I should tell this, since it is likely to trigger a rant.

But that demo was using a Primesense structured light camera. Primesense was bought by Apple, and their tech found its way into the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X.

And of course people are now doing this with ARkit:



That was available on iOS since late 2013 if I remember correctly.


What is in that demo can be done with any camera that sees Z-depth - the Forge people themselves said that they will soon support other depth cameras, not just Primesense.

This means that a variety of dual lens Stereo 3D cameras for example can be used for exactly the same thing.

What is important is the software app that actually extracts the 3D mesh + texture, tracks where the camera is and so on. The quality of the mesh and texture processing is important, not so much the depth camera.

ARKit is of no use to me whatsoever.

I have the money to buy Apple gear, but won’t. I’m a Windows/Android user. Apple stuff is of no use to me.



You guys know the sony xperia xz1 has a 3D scanner implemented? It is called 3D creator. It is vey rough but a start nonetheless.



I was looking for their website but nothing realy there, except a contact form.