3D scanning for CG city or environment creation


Hi all

I’m current searching some imformations on the 3D scanning and projection to a CG environment.

Does Any one know the process or tutorials on this part of which to create a CG environment efficiency ?

At Firstly, We tried to use camera projection based in Maya to achieve, it works fine for a multi-cam projection on a single object but can’t work to fix the ground plane only by maya which means we have to achieve all the cheating stuff through Ps or Nuke to assist.

Now we have a 360 panoramic camera shot studio which targeting to get the 3d scanning for real on the film area, like 3D characters and objects.

Back to the CG environment, i have no idea on how to create a entire CG city just projection by some pics and also could available to animation.

appreciate for any of the helps.


I’m not sure I understand the question but you will most likely have to do this in multiple steps. There are things like the Matte Painting toolkit and Agisoft 3D scan but I think what you have in mind is something along the lines of Garret Fry’s Gnomon tutorial on Advanced Matte Painting. You should definitely check that out.