3d s max room in mental ray


hey guys,

i’m trying to create a sort of minimal shaded look using just max standard shaders with mental ray. i’m using a free area light with the multiplier up to 40000% thats positioned 36 meters from the room. its on 30000 intesity with a sample range of .001

i’m rendering using mental ray with gi at:
(units in cm)
max photons: 2000
max sampling radius .013
max photons: 200
max sampling radius .013

average gi photons per light 10000
global energy multiplier 4.0
decay .3

final gather is on 1000 samples
max pisel radius 5
min .5

whataya guys think??


Those are some knarly multiplier values, what is you scale like?

And what about your render samples? 1 min 16 max? Good study.



Looks quite splotchy for 1000 FG samples. I have mine set to 100 and thought I was over-doing it. But that is MR for you, always differs from scene to scene.


i placed a few lights around the ceiling to brighten things up a little but it doesnt look like they’re helping the GI…

i dont think its scale…the room is 7meters by 5meters measured with the tape tool

i’ve turned off indirect illumination and final gathering to see what the difference would be and it seems like there isnt anything happening on the bed and floor amoungst other things. any tips for this?
the settings are pretty much the same. top=GI on bottom=GI off

i’ve made a night version of this shot changing the lights a bit and the global lighting, placed my characters in it and rendered it with and without indirection illumination and with it but there doesn’t seem to be any difference…(ignore silly mouths and eyes!!)… i kind of like it anyway but i’d love to see what a bit of GI could do to it. top gi on, bottom GI off


Just looks like a typical GI work in progress now.

The new zine is a bit disturbing. You getting any? Sleep.



I imagine you are using jpeg images as the compression artifacts are qutie noticable. This is to the point where I have trouble clearly seeing the shadows in detail.


no i aint gettin sleep… i’ve got deadlines comin outta the wazoo.

surely GI would make more of a difference to the scene? even on a lossy jpeg?


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