3d renderer in Nuke



I’ve got a question about rendering 3D elements in Nuke. I want to use 3d tracking and import 3d models in Nuke. Rendering in Nuke can be as high quality and realistic, as with mental ray / Vray in 3d software?

Or is it better to import the data into a 3d tracking software, the same rendering and compositing in Nuke?


P.S. Sorry for bad English.


nukes scanline render isnt meant to be a replacement for mental ray/vray/renderman/…

its great for some projection stuff or building some simple geometry, but dont expect too much of it. you DONT have raytracing, shadows, refraction, reflection, …


Thank you for your reply. So I will render in 3d software and do compositing in Nuke.


Thank you. So to be rendered in 3ds max and make the composition in Nuke.

Tell me in what cases used in 3d Nuke? In addition to camera-projection.


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