3d: Relaycompetition


In this competition you shall make the thing in 3d and Then say a new thing that another person shall do and on and on and on… Remember to not make too hard stuffs so everyone can join :slight_smile:

Lets start…

Make an [u][b]spoon!

[/b][/u] ( excuse me for bad english )


OK well here is a spoon

And it might be a good idea to also supply the model for those who want it :slight_smile: so here it is (LWO Format)

and i challange the next person to a teddy bear
nothing fancy just a wee bear :slight_smile:


Almost jumped in myself too…glad to see you here TF
Thsi is a thread that should be kept alive! For helping out I salute you :thumbsup: …sorry I haven’t done anything to assist yet…will try to in near future! :wink:


Dancing Bear>

FILE LWO with skelegons

Next do a doggy :wink:


maybe the dancing bear is too freaky looking? :slight_smile:


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