3d Project Planning


I am in the process of taking my 3d show on the road and didn’t really know where to post such a topic like project planning on cgtalk. So I thought that I would try to post here. I have come up with this rough sketch of a project plan and wanted to run my ideas accross to other experienced 3d users who have handled a large project that has been larger than a single modeling, texturing, animation, etc. commision job task.

Some of my Web Media implementations will be topically non-profit so as to generate a broader interest in the subjects that our team presents to the public.

What do you think about this approach to helping me and my crew to focus on the goals of my project while generating accounts and having a workpattern that can help us to deliver by our deadlines?-

((3d Web Media Project Plan (rough sketch) Code name- (Keep the Ship in Shipshape)


-Goals to accomplish-

  • Coordinate all resources that you have available to complete all Media product packages and have the front end of these Media packages ready for service solutions. Assure that the delivery of Media models will be ready for presentation and distribution just-in-time and at set deadline dates for any account that is accepted.

-Media Model Production Handling Preparation- Things to consider

  • Set up rigid standards for quality. Test levels of work done and setup fixed design models for overall media design limits that range from color schemes to environments, to arrangement, textures, etc.

  • Rule- Stick to the predetermined preplanned projects agreed designs and assignments. Any issue that was not finalized in the original project plan is not considered after the project begins.

All Media presentation products and functional media feature developments that are to be completed by a set time. All routes of web Media production resolved. All software tools to be used during the duration of the Media development process confirmed and the type of jobs assigned to each software application confirmed. Set schedule for each chosen software used for production work. Evaluate the Hardware status that will be used for the duration of the project as to each pieces level of efficiency and reliability for the project. Include maintenance Schedule for hardware. Designate software work out to machines that are appropriate for the task at hand based on the speed of accomplishing a task like rendering or the way it handles a function like texturing. Adjust all work orders to the predetermined project design model. Schedule software work into set task groups by order of importance. Organize regular standard task for each work week based on accomplishing the main project task.

Assign sets of sub task to each work day. The goal of each sub task is to complete a large specific part of the entire main project each day and prepare other elements that involve the start of the next scheduled task for the next work day. Other sub task include monitoring inventory of work completed, organization of submitted work, quality checks and work acceptance or rejection, etc. handling.

  • Handling the recurring task of ongoing enhancements of established project media product assets-

Assign and schedule task each week on certain days for collection of data need for projects like documents that aid in subject feature development such as project study models and other visual study data that are added to the “fixed” preplanned database of predetermined composite design visuals and examples, photos, videos, educational materials, etc. Apply a constant rule to all added material as to relevance and are appropriate for their consideration as additions to the projects. Use a formula sheet to determine an elements worth as far as addition to the study subject library. The goal of each work day is to accomplish task quickly and efficiently and accurately for that phase of complete project task. ))


Anyone have any pointers and tips? My project has gotten so big I almost got lost in the mix.


I’m not sure what to add to that which you have already covered, your approach appears to propose an appropriate solution for team management, when dealing with a large project this management is obviously a task all to itself.

I’m not a team manager but I have been managed by one there very basically job should be to: -
:slight_smile: Take the design for the project broken down into isolated components.
:slight_smile: Estimate the development time for each component and produce a development schedule.
:slight_smile: Assign those components to the appropriate people to maximise the team effort, itterate this continuously as components combine into modules that become components in the next level of development
:slight_smile: Track the progress of the team members and reassign tasks or people to tasks to avoid wasting manpower or to address shortfalls and delays. Address problems in the project design and rework them back to reappear in the schedule
:blush: Play lots of golf


Thanks for the advice Frank. I really need all the help I can get on this project. You task management guidelines are very helpful. I will work them into my project task objective program.


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