3D program/ Flash Vector art question



I’m looking for a 3d program, max, maya etc that may be able to take a 3d model and turn it into a vector based image that can be exported into macromedia flash. Anybody know if this is possible and which program can do it?



Maya has a plug-in which allows you to export directly to .swf. That could be of some help to you. Maya also has a built in (included plug-in) vector renderor.


Swift 3D, Plasma, Maya’s swf render.


Thanks guys,

Swift 3d was what I was looking for. The company I work for is gonna be doing some new stuff and needed a program like swift. Thanks for your help.


Get Strata 3D. Its an innexpensive program that supports Flash VERY well and is the program used to create MYST. I use it every day and it is simple to learn and has tons of great built in features.


I know that 3s Studio Max files can be imported/exported into shockwave, but some of the guys at my school had a hard time getting it to work properly. I’m a big Maya fan myself, so I’d probably check out Swift3D first, personally. Will you be posting your ventures into 3d-to-vector projects here anytime soon? I sure hope so!:smiley:



Unfortunately no I won’t be able to post any of the work I eventually do with the program. Everything I do for my job is under a NDA so I’m blocked from showing anything. Outside of work I’d have no use for swift 3d. Thanks for your helpful suggestion.


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