3D procedural bump


I finally found a solution to get an easy 3D bump in xsi… everywho knows that using the famigerate bumpmap.generator we need to map the obj losing all the fun to use 3d texture parametric facilities… and everytime I was working on maya… that uses mental.ray and has fully support to 3d textures on the same renderer, I was really pissed off…

I took a look at maya 3d bump implementation and I found the solution… porting the 3Dbump shader from maya to xsi. :slight_smile: No need to get the 3dtexture.projection matrixes, etc… we need just the 3Dbump shader, that outputs bump and so map it to the intersection.point vector shader to get 3D uvw coordinates.

So I make the spdl for the 3Dbump and linked to the mayabase.dll… it works perfect, just like in maya !! :bounce:

I upload on briefcase the spdl and a dummy scene to try my work… You need just the mayabase.dll from the folder <mentalray> in your maya installation.



mmmhhh…130 viewer and no one comment ?!
maybe something not clear… do you work all on xsi with 3Dbump, and I’m the lonely that find incredible problems on this ??
For sure with all this silent no one at softimage will be try to write a simply shader that perturb normals…

some examples…

ok… it’s a sphere…but without the proj…


with darktree you no need at all proj in rendertree…mentalray take the proj…directly from dte…objects space.


try to bump this… with proj I mean !! :lightbulb

dw the spdl…put in the same folder of the mayabase.dll…fireup xsi…install…spdl…restart…done.

have a nice day, sleepers…



Sorry, didn’t have time to try this out before… Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

I think it might not be as popular because you need Maya to make it work, and it has the same swimming problem as in Maya also, though it does fix the seam problem.

In some situations (animations), the spatial projection method can actually be better, as it also uses the intersection point but instead of calculating it on the fly, it stores it in a cluster. So the 3d texture actually deforms with the mesh without having to bake it out as a file.


Thanks for sharing…Trying now!:bounce:


added… :scream:

maya_dof… 20times faster that the build.in dof and more smooth than the bartek one…

maya_clamp… it clamp the color to a range… usefull to controll over exposures…


ps:: try here… someone…has deleted the files… I reupped…rename jpg to spdl…


id suggest to crosspost at xsibase.com as well. i am rather sure you will get more feedback there.


great. as this is possible, would it be possible to convert all maya procedurals to xsi?


id suggest to crosspost at xsibase.com as well. i am rather sure you will get more feedback there.

impossible I’m banned from that site… too smart for certain moderator…:stuck_out_tongue: … sure for those that stamp theyself in front of xsi and because they can do nothing there…they have to bother on the forum… :love: …but you can do for me if you want…no problem at all…the xsibaser deserve all my simpathy.

great. as this is possible, would it be possible to convert all maya procedurals to xsi?

No, this is no possible…some shaders are called agnostic when they not depend by the contest… good luck is that bump3D and dof shader work perfect as they are in maya… and so on for the math and color correction shaders(xsi have more power tools…no need to convert…)… other shader like ocean.shader and all procedurals… require uvw coord supplied from an explicit proj matrix placement… there’s no in xsi…so for the ocean that require particular array data input that I’m not able to “recreate” in xsi… instead bump3D require only uv coordinates… so it work great…and outputting just perturbed normals(uvw vectors… xsi is missing the “w”) can be attached anywhere where we have a vector input… :cool:



Hey cool, Maya as a sort of expensive shader plugin for XSI :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your findings.



Where can I found mayabase.dll?


Thx a lot Man !!!

it’s been years since i(and not just me) missed this “little” function… I hope the official new release will contain a shader like this…

thx again !



Originally posted by mondeo30
Where can I found mayabase.dll?

i assume you could just get the maya ple and extract it from there… o.O


Hi Francescaluce !

I just tried this 3dbump node…1 question : i tried to connect a texture space generator to the coord param of the 3d texture node(ex. turbulence) in order to not get the texture sticky(not flows when the object is transformed). If this texture space generator is set to intersection point mode , it has the same look than with the vector state). My problem is : when i put any projection to my object my texture space generator works no more… i would have use 2d texture for example to color map … but in bump i need 3d bump… when i use vector state it works well , even if the object has placements …but in this case i can not translate my object because the texture stays in place(flows)… is there any ideas? thanks in advance…



sorry I forgot this thread…

#ahassan… use the spatial proj with the standard bumpgen.

i assume you could just get the maya ple and extract it from there…

you can also dw from alias site the mentalray3.2.6 and look in the libs folder… until is freely shared on internet…


ps:: do you need the maya_sampler_info shader on xsi?.. mail me.


hi francescaluce!
sorry for beeing curious :wink:
but why was that?..

Originally posted by francescaluce
impossible I’m banned from that site…


probably different point of views… and sure… coz I’m a little bit crazy !! :surprised

the guys at xsibase made a great work with their forum…

raffael3D, the founder and admin, also cross-posted this thread … so I’m happy… and I have so many little things to share for xsi… that sooner or later he will be “forced” to readmit me :rolleyes: … and if I can make my pubblic apologize right now for what it has happened ( that really I don’t remember…what it was…) … I hope he can accepts them without reserve. :love:



very cool shader thx for sharing


this is absolutly incredible !!!
great work !!! people will wake up soon :slight_smile:
really great job francescaluce !!!

could you describe a little how did you port these shaders ??? maybe some tutorial ??

thanx a lot !