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Has anyone had any experience creating one-time statues from a 3d printer? I’ve used www.3darttopart.com before. Their turnaround time is pretty good and so are their prices, but the models end up coming out a bit rough (little sand-like jaggies on the surface). I’d love to hear if anyone has had any experiences in this area, or if they’ve actually used a 3d printer before and can point me to any new resources.


hey jrex, the rough stepping is probably attracting from the RP machine. In my experience that’s the material layers that are being laid down one after the other showing. My understanding of it, is that they have almost have resolutions that they can print to. the newer ones have much smaller layers, which translates to grain, or steps. the older ones sometimes produce what you’re seeing.

Sometimes you can place your 3D model on the bed in a certain way so as to reduce the stepping on the flattest surface of you model. For instance if you were RPing a basic cube, a cube placed flat and parallel with the printing bed would be produced smoother than one you positioned at an angle with only one corner ‘touching’ the tray. make sense? kinda like you’re going with the grain of the wood. Check with your printer. If it’s a figure however, there often isn’t an easy solution aside from using a higher quality RP machine.

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We have had luck doing statues. In most cases it comes down to the orientation of the design in the build area of the printer. Try Edutronix.com, that’s who we have used.


Great! Thanks for the advice and recommendation guys!


Also remember that the machines don’t really take into account normal smoothing so if you want things to be round and smooth you should tessellate the crap out of them…

SLA typically gives you the best result…


We are a 3D printing & rapid prototyping studio (Paradigm Development Group). We have 2 Objet printers which offer the highest resolution in the industry (.0006" layers as compared to .004"-.006" for SLA). Model orientation can definitley help with surface quality but the Objet parts are amazing. Pricing is typically similar to SLA. We also offer a 3D printing subscription service for limited size parts with flexible leadtimes that can save you a whole lot of money (50%-60%!). We do a bunch of other stuff too (CNC machining, Silicone molds, Urethane casting, etc.). I’d be happy to quote anything or answer questons about the process.


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